Relationship Tips: Dating 2 Women at Once, Can It Be Done?

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relationship tips on dating two women

There are men who prefer dating one woman while others will want to have two. But it is not easy to date more than two women at once because of the jealousy it can bring. It may lead to quarrels and final break up. However, if you are smart enough, it is possible to date two women at once and enjoy life the way you want. We are going to show you how. These are the tips on how to date two women at once.

Practice Honest Communication

You should be honest with your communication. If your intention is to hook up somebody for a casual relationship, tell her. You might be surprised to note that she is also interested in the same. This will allow you date a second woman without hurting her.

But if you realize that she is interested in a long-term relationship, tell her that you are not ready for it. Simply be honest.


Be Careful with What You Say

When dating a woman, you should be very careful with what you tell her. Know that she is studying you so that she can know how to treat you in future. If she asks you if you will be available on weekend, tell her that you have other plans. She will know that you are busy. You can then take advantage of this opportunity to date another girl when you are not with her. But if you show her that you are always available on weekends, it will be inconvenient to date another woman.

Keep the Relationship Casual

Do not involve emotions in your relationships. Women will need emotional support which is not easy to provide especially when you are dating them at once. Just keep the relationship causal so that they all understand that you do not have deep feelings for them. However, ensure that you treat them with respect.

Keep It Private

Do not tell anybody you meet or all your friends that you are dating two women at once. Some people like gossiping and will leak the information to one of your woman. It is advisable to keep it secret. In addition, do not tell your woman that you are dating another girl. Women are jealous. She will not like it.


Set Rules

For dating to be successful, there should rules to govern it. For example, your woman may allow you to date another lady as long as you do not have sex with them. You can also decide that you only meet on a date when the two of you are free. Discuss about the behavior you like and dislike. Once you agree on the rules, the relationship will be viable.

Set Boundaries and Maintain Them

If you are married, you will not want your relationship with another woman to ruin your marriage. That is why you should set and maintain boundaries. Tell her not to call you when you are at home. Romantic messages at night when you are with your wife in bed should be avoided.


In conclusion, if you have been wanting to date two women at once, you can now give it a try with confidence. The above tips have been proven by experts and work perfectly good.

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