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Plaid-clad hipster-artist owned brewpubs and high-energy jolting clubs strike reputations as unrivaled venues for meeting women. This is true for the most part; men and women alike suit up in eye-catching attire to snag the glances of potential lovers for themselves. While reliable, the bar and club scene tends to burn people out after a while.

So, eschew those groggy, hungover wake-up calls in favor of spitting someday game. Flirting in broad daylight is far less pressured and conspicuous. You either swipe a number, or walk on to finish the day’s errands. No harm done. Keep reading to see the ‘Best Locales to Meet Women While the Sun Is High’.


1. Bookstore

Bookstore shoppers typically aren’t rushed. Few people enter with a particular novel in mind, the fun is in lethargic browses through vast collections of unread stories. This makes bookstores a very low-key and relaxed atmosphere to approach women in.

Plausible deniability is on your side to sidle up next to her because clearly, you’re interested in the romance novels she’s absorbed in. From there, a few suave, teasing comments on her choice of literature is all it takes to get the wheel turning.


2. Grocery Store

Grocery shopping practically forces humans to stand next to each other, yet we’re all too timid to take advantage of it. Find your inner strength, and gently bump carts with the fetching gal surveying the tomatoes. As she reaches for a tomato, scan for a wedding ring. If you’re in the clear, it’s time for a joke about how she just picked the ugliest one of the lot.

Otherwise you could comment on the store’s slow service when you’re landlocked in a five-cart lineup. Since you and m’lady are doomed to wait twenty minutes for checkout, you may as well weather out the storm together.


3. Coffee Shop

The ultimate location for first dates proves just as reliable for cold approaches. Oftentimes, women will shack up at a solitary table with a novel or perhaps exam materials. It’s up to you to determine whether they’d enjoy the attention, or if you’d be a pest to their mission.

The neat thing about coffee shops is that it’s equally acceptable to lounge for hours, or slurp your cappuccino and duck out the door. This way, you can ease the tension on your prospective date by letting her know you’ve got to run soon. And if she’s particularly receptive to you, well, you’re already in the perfect spot for hours of pseudo-intellectual conversations.


4. Public Park

Public parks are epicenters for recreational activities so milk it for all it’s worth. Shooting hoops on the blacktop? Invite the chick ogling your balling skills for a chance to get smoked on the court. Likewise, invite yourself and a bro if available to join those cuties throwing the Frisbee.

Also, dogs. Seriously. If she has a dog, ask to pet it and work your way to her heart through her canine companion. Should you be the dog owner, count on girls flocking to pet it. Sometimes not approaching is the best approach of all.


5. Public Transport

This one is tricky. Time is your enemy here as her stop might arrive well before you’ve locked a number. Train and bus rides pack humans together like a can of sardines, so waste not a second to claim your spot beside the shy redhead.

Women also get hit on a lot on public transport, so don’t bother without a polished silver tongue. Luckily there’s plenty to gab about. The passing scenery, destinations for the day, the (other) creepers on the bus. But if you bumble your words? No sweat, she’s the next stop anyways.


6. Beach

And of course, the most redundant of options to place on this list. Show off your iron-pumping gains to the world (you are lifting, right?). See those women having trouble adjusting to the cool waters? Help them out with a big splash and a hearty laugh.

Invite the girls who don’t hate your guts for splashing them to a shore side barbeque with your dudes. Remember, people hit the beach to have fun. So, loosen up, and give them just that.

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