Hitting on A Hot Waitress Is Not as Easy as You May Think

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Hitting on a waitress may not be as easy as you may think. If she attracts many men, then she is exceptionally attractive. Hitting on a lady who is hit on by most men is both tempting and tricky. You will have to make sure you stand out from the meat line (the many guys who hit on her).

Some Things You May Want to Consider Before Hitting on A Waitress:


1. Show courtesy:

Being nice and saying ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ will score you points. Ladies who are constantly hit on are also used to the negative comments made by other men. So, a simple “please” and “thank you” shows decency and kindness. This will make the girl like you and be willing to listen to what you have to say next.


2. Tip 20%:

A common belief amongst waiters is that bad tippers are equally bad lovers. When you are generous enough to appreciate the services of a lady at her place of work, you will do the same in a relationship. Tipping also proves to a lady that you are not stingy. Being stingy is a character most if not all ladies hate.


3. Order efficiently:

If you are flirting with a lady working at a store or any other place prone to men, order efficiently. For instance, if it is a restaurant, you don’t have to be irritating. If it is a busy day at work, order directly and quickly then pay in cash and make room for the next person. You don’t have to prolong your interactions and look like a bother. Be brief and she will remember you the next time.


4. Ask short questions:

If she is a busy lady, then you probably have about 2 minute intervals to make a move. So, you won’t have time for long-winded discussions. Try and grab her attention. Ask her fun and short questions that require quick answers. Questions that are safe bets could be about music, common places and pop culture.


5. Avoid clichés:

Avoid this line ‘I come here all the time and I’ve never seen you.’ This is a line used by almost all men a thousand times. You may encounter a rehearsed reply which may discourage you completely.


6. Enjoy the services:

You will be more attractive if you smile to everybody, but especially the lady you are interested in. Ladies who work are always tasked to create fun and make sure the customers get positive experience. So, to show you enjoy the services, shoot a cute smile her way and mime something.

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