How to Know if you are Dating a Gold Digger

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Dating, like playing chess, can be complicated. You want to be sure you are dating the right person, but have to be careful to avoid ruining any potential the two of you may have. No one likes to be used, especially where love is involved. The question is; how do you determine whether the person you are investing your time/money in, is not in it for something else? The following tips will help you analyze whether you are dating a Gold Digger:

1. Her questions from the start

The first thing a user will try to figure out from the very beginning is what you do. If your conversations during the first date keeps diverging to what you do for a living, then my friend you are dating a pure, born and bred gold digger. She is more interested in your job than what you do during your free time.

2. She wants to know how fat your bank account is

Apart from your job, she is also interested in your bank account. A professional gold digger can be very keen at math. She can calculate (in her mind) exactly how much you save and how much you spend, and whether you have a trust fund or investments. She can also be very attentive when you are closing a deal or generally making money.

3. Her air of class

As you progress with your relationship, she will tell you about how she lived in this place, went to this school, how she goes to these private islands on her vacation, how she knows this person and that. She will talk about the cars she drives and all her designer clothes, and how she likes these types of furniture – all of which are high end. In this case, amigo, she is setting you up to the notion that she is accustomed to a particular lifestyle, which she expects to continue while dating you.

4. Ogling You

She can’t keep her eyes off of you – or, to be specific – your car, your shoes, your wallet, your suit, and your watch. In fact, she may have been attracted to that shining Rolex on your hand in the first place. To a user, the more you bling, the more she sees you as a knight in shining armor.

5. Excessive spending

Compared to your other dates, this one seems to be costing a lot more dollars than you’d bargained for. In fact, when you do the math for the last couple of dates, it suggests that you’ve spend about the same as your previous relationship. And that lasted for three years! The truth is, you are actually buying her affection, which is always correlated with the stuff you buy her.

6. Keeping up with the Kardashians

You are driving home from work. There is a brief moment before you reply to your mates that you won’t be able to bar stool tonight, as you already have plans with “bae”. You figure, it’s just a Wednesday night, perhaps you’ll get permission to sip half a beer with friends over the weekend. Finally you arrive at some fancy occasion which, after sitting down, grapples you with the realization that you are the only dude there! Being the only guy at the table, chances are you will be able to only slide in a couple of words (maybe five) and then end up with the tab. I may be playing odds here, but there is a very high probability that she forced you to come simply to pay for her.


Keep an eye on these warning signs. If you find yourself in these situations, then my guy you are just her personal ATM. A real lady who is not looking to take advantage of your money, power, or fame will offer to share the tab (at least once) or even pay for your dates once in a while.

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