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impress girls with amazing first date ideas

We’ve all been on good dates, you know the one where you talk and have a quick kiss. We’ve all been on bad dates (urgh, say no more). But how many of us have actually been on a blow-your-socks-off, can’t-stop-talking-about-it amazing first date? If you want to make a lasting impression, then you need to raise your game and your date night ideas. If originality and spontaneity aren’t your forte however, fear not, we have some great first date ideas for you to borrow.

1. Set the Mood

You want to get intimate with her eventually? Then you gotta set the mood. If you don’t know her well take her to a jazz club. There is nothing like the sound of sensual, crooning jazz to get you in the mood for a bit of romancing. The small intimate booths, the dimly lit surrounds, sitting next to your date so you can talk and whisper into each other’s ears? Magical. If you know her better, then consider wining and dining her at yours. It isn’t cheap, in fact it’s very revealing (just make sure you clean up thoroughly first). If you don’t have dimmer lights use a plethora of candles instead, their soft, flickering light will warm the atmosphere. Give her a large glass of wine to nurse and let her observe you cooking. Some slow, mellow tunes playing quietly will help chill you both out.

2. Have Fun

There’s fine line between trying too hard and not trying at all. You don’t want to stick to just one activity, in case it flops. Make sure you have a backup plan and know where you want your evening to end. Consider having a few easy, fun activities lined up, for example go to a cocktail bar for an ice-breaker drink. Then why not do something silly like head to Ikea and play hide and seek. Finish up your evening in a ping pong bar with a few games and some slices of pizza. It is so far from the traditional dinner and a movie, it is a happy medium between over-thinking and not trying at all.

3. Seek Adventure

If you know that she’s not a precious flower, (or even if she is but you know she is game for a laugh) why not try something a little out of both your comfort zones? Create a shared experience that you can use to bond over afterwards. If there is an outdoor center nearby why not try your hand at canyoning (walking up a river), or if you’re near the sea why not have a surf lesson? You can even book a session at a clay pigeon shoot – not many women have ever touched a gun, let alone fired one. Just don’t go anywhere too isolated if you don’t know her well enough and always have a (less vigorous) back-up plan in case she doesn’t want to go all out.

4. Let Fate be your Guide

For the ultimate in chilled out, laid-back, let’s-see-where-the-date goes (without the awkward ‘what do you want to do now?’ ‘I don’t know, what do you want to do?’ ‘Umm…”), know roughly what you could do in a given area and then let the coin of destiny decide. It is very simple: just pick a start point and flip a coin – heads you go left, tails you go right. You reach a pub – heads you have a drink and supper, tails you have a drink and move on for supper somewhere else. So, easy and the pressure is off you to plan anything very serious. You can even create the ultimate suspense: heads you have a kiss, tails you wait until next time…


A few words to the wise: gauge her reaction to your proposed ‘ultimate date idea’, if it is not enthusiastic have a backup date idea. If you can find out some likes and dislikes beforehand, even better (just don’t be known as the first date stalker, not cool). Finally, don’t overdo it, you want your first date to be an icebreaker, a way to get to know each other a little better, so just have fun and try to relax.

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