Would You Date an Alien Girl?

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would you date an alien girl

Ever thought of what it would be like to date an alien lady? Few of us can picture how that would look like. Some extra-terrestrial researchers who’ve claimed that there are many human-alien marriages around the country. All relationships have their challenges, differences, conflicts, and opinions. Needless to say marrying an alien girl will come with its fair share of difficulties. Some will be typical relational problems. Many others will be unique to your interactions. The biggest of them would be that the alien may keep their true identity so secret that you won’t have a clue. Here are some things to consider before you commit.


1. Cultural Differences.

Your alien lover could be from a culture that is thousands of years ahead of us. They may also be coming from a culture that is backward compared to ours. It could also be that their culture is just uniquely different from ours. This is where the issue of handling cultural differences comes up. When it comes to cultural difference, it’s important to talk things out. Culture could range from language, foods, seasons, priorities, and lifestyles. Not all cultural differences can be ironed out. Sometimes maturity demands that we agree to disagree and even love our spouse in spite of Personal views.


2. Genetic Compatibility.

According to a physicists and former government UFO expert, aliens have vastly different genetic makeup from ours. Most of them possess inherent abilities that are way more efficient than a human being 7j3xgiu. They possess exceptional skills, talents, and powers. Because of the genetic incompatibility, it’s often said that most alien marriages are childless. Luckily most couples these days are open to adoption. In the event that you can reproduce, the kids might have full blown alien genes. Chances of miscarriage could also be higher than in human-human relations.

3. Meeting the Family.

Many UFO experts believe that, most aliens prefer to hide their identity. In the event that she makes it open and transparent to you, you might have to meet her relations. Imagine a room full of aliens! What are the basic courtesies accorded in-laws among aliens? What kind of rituals do they have? Do they get to accept or reject you based on their perceptions and fears? When you show up the best thing to do is overlook your interest and engage them. Show curiosity and be mindful of your outfit and their effort to meet you. Also, watch your attitude. In laws can make or break your relationship.


4. Long Distance Relationships.

Marrying an alien girl gives a new definition to long distance relationship. You are literally in an interstellar dating! If she isn’t willing to stick around, then you might have to do with a long distance relationship. And since you can’t go visit, it will be up to her to show up regularly to keep the flame burning. Humans haven’t invented the kind of technology to reach someone out in the other galaxies. So she might be the one to give you a gadget that works that far. Many of us aren’t willing to be in long distance relationship.


5. Where to Have the Wedding.

This would be the hardest part. What will you wear? What colors does she like? (Does she see in your light spectrum?) Where would she want it to be? What about the vows and the celebrant? Most alien-obsessed humans love to do their weddings in deserted airbases and deep space observation centres and facilities. Come to think of it. You could pull it off on the deck of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). Oh, wait. By then you would have identified it. Right? But no worries just smiles. How about the Roswell Museum in New Mexico for a wedding venue? You could have the Aurora wedding outlet design the suits and wedding gown.

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