10 Signs You Have a Crazy Girlfriend

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is it time to break up with your crazy girlfriend

She was nothing short of amazing when you met her…hot, up for anything, and fun to be around. You liked her so much that the two of you became a couple and then your girlfriend flipped the script. In some cases, she may not have changed so much as the things you once liked about her have taken on an ominous Gone Girl-esque vibe. Either way, your girlfriend just might be crazy. If you aren’t quite certain whether or not she’s unstable, read through the following 10 signs you have a crazy girlfriend. How many of these signs does your girl possess?

1. She is preoccupied with where you are and what you are doing.

Do you long for your teenage years when leaving the house simply meant yelling out to mom and dad that you’d be back later? If your girlfriend puts you through an inquisition that would make a trial lawyer proud every time you pick up your keys, she might be crazy. Here’s the thing. If your girlfriend constantly demands to know where you are going, who you’ll be with, and what you’ll be doing, you can be sure problems are ahead. This is especially true if she constantly calls or texts you when you are out to “verify” your story. Of course, if she actually shows up for no other reason than to make sure you are doing what you said you would be doing with whom, she’s probably certifiable.

2. Her moods switch in the blink of an eye.

One minute everything’s going great; the next minute all hell has broken loose or even worse, she’s crying so hard, you’re wondering if you should call 911. If your girlfriend’s mood switches more often than a 9-year-old with ADHD changes the TV channel, she just might be crazy.

3. Are you going crazy or are numbers and messages disappearing from your phone?

Even worse, does your entire phone often disappear, only for her to find it? If you find yourself searching through your phone to find a female co-worker or cousin’s phone number (that you know you had), but find it’s not there, someone deleted it. Did Julie, your brother’s wife that your girlfriend has never met, text you about a surprise party and now both the text and Julie’s contact info are completely gone? Yeah, somebody did this and chances are good that your crazy girlfriend is the culprit.

4. She needs SO much attention.

Everyone wants attention, but if she takes it to an obsessive level, it may be time to say goodbye. For instance, if she constantly demands you break plans with friends or family to spend time sitting on the couch with her or she frequently turns to crying and lying to get your undivided attention, there’s a good chance she’s crazy.

5. She threatens to hurt/ kill herself if you ever leave her.

If she frequently alludes to hurting or killing herself anytime she feels you might be on the lookout for greener pastures, she’s not only crazy, but she needs serious help. These are definitely the words of a psycho. Let her family know what’s going on and then walk away from that mess.

6. She’s a professional at twisting her words.

If you have to sit down and think about every single thing you say before you say it to try and prevent her from twisting it around, there might be a problem, especially if she adds her own little exaggerations and crazy details when she repeats it back to you.

7. She has no close family or friends.

Yes, there are some girls who really do not have any family, but they usually have friends and vice versa. Of course, if she has a family and just has no contact with them, there’s usually a reason for this. Just keep this in mind. If you are the absolutely only person who ever calls or texts her, there’s a reason she’s alienated everyone else.

8. She’s way too jealous.

Everyone gets jealous, but if she takes it to an extreme, she’s got a problem. For instance, if you had to listen to her cry and/ or throw out cheating allegations after you stopped to tell a girl walking her dog how adorable the dog was or you gave a girl you haven’t seen for years a quick hug when the two of you were out for dinner, she’s crazy.

9. She has frequent pregnancy scares.

Yes, there are accidents and she may be legitimately concerned once, but not every single month. She’s definitely up to something if it’s something she constantly brings up.

10. She goes through your stuff.

If you frequently notice someone has been rummaging through your kitchen or bathroom drawers or moving stuff around on your desk, you know who is responsible. This also applies if the clothes in your closet or drawers are constantly being moved around. By the way, if she starts crying hysterically when you confront her about this, she’s probably super crazy.

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