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A relationship with the right woman can be exhilarating and emotionally enriching. A relationship also provides security and someone to confide in and share the ups and downs of life. Unfortunately, sometimes guys stay attached to the wrong woman for far too long, ignoring the signs that it’s time to call it quits. One sign on its own might not be a reason to leave, but taking an honest look at this countdown of obvious signs if they apply to the girl you are dating may point you in the right directions.

1. She’s Irrationally Jealous

If a polite smile to a checkout girl sends your girlfriend into a rage, there’s a problem. She may have some deep-seated insecurity issues that only therapy can help, or she might just be a diva that wants every ounce of your male attention, every minute of the day. Either way, living with your every move and gesture being scrutinized is not flattering, it’s torture. Unless you have given her reason to be jealous, her unhealthy green eyed monster will always be a third party in your relationship.


2. She Hates Your Friends

Your longtime buddy and his girlfriend are special to you, yet your girl won’t even sit through dinner with them. It’s no use trying to bring them together, as you will incur her wrath afterward. If you see your friends solo she will complain as well. If you sacrifice seeing a certain person at her request, she will only find another of your friends to find intolerable and the trouble will begin anew. Are you prepared to go through life with this spiteful miss as your only friend?


3. She Embarrasses You in Public

There is a difference between being refreshingly candid and having no shame. If she insists on swearing like a trucker in front of your old-fashioned mom or belching and farting wherever she pleases, you can learn to live red faced and mortified or do the sensible thing and send her packing.


4. She Compares You to Other Men

You sign up for dancing lessons to please her, only to be reminded time and time again that her ex had great moves and won dance competitions. If you like your hair short, she may comment about the luscious mane of her high school boyfriend. In bed, she may bring up her fantasy about her personal trainer who has the tightest butt. It’s a no-win situation, as she will cruelly remind you how you come up short (in her opinion).


5. Her Family Comes First (Always)

You happily scored two tickets to a game a month in advance but her sister is having boyfriend problems (again) and she needs to go over and comfort her, so the game is off. Her family has frequent crisis, real or imagined, and your needs are always on the back burner.


6. She Doesn’t Defend You

Someone yells at you because they wanted the parking space you got. They are in the wrong, but she immediately attacks you for not being more considerate. You confide in her that you were overlooked for promotion at your job and she implies directly or covertly that you are a loser. Whatever the situation, she is there to play devil’s advocate when it hurts the most.


7. She’s a Compulsive Liar

Some individuals with deep-seated emotional problems will lie, even when it’s easier to tell the truth. Whether she feels compelled to tell small lies or gets a kick out of putting one over on you, it’s a big, red flag either way. Dating someone you can’t trust leaves you vulnerable to being a pawn in whatever game she likes to play.


8. She Speaks Ill of Other Men

Every ex-boyfriend she had was, in her words, a “psycho”. She regales you with horror tales of abuse and mistreatment from every man with whom she ever shared a cup of coffee. Stick with her and you will eventually join her gallery of ex-thug boyfriends about whom she will complain to the next guy.


9. She Doesn’t Respect Your Boundaries

Sometimes she goes through your wallet and checks your computer search history without invitation. She never allows you a quiet evening alone at home without blowing up your phone (which she frequently checks) with voicemails and texts.


10. She’s an Addict

Dating someone with an addiction, whether it’s to gambling, drugs, alcohol or shopping, will land you in her own circle of hell. She may say she will clean up her act for you, but addicts only change when they want to quit for themselves. Save yourself from becoming the co-dependent in a relationship if you continue to date this ticking time bomb. She will bring you into a world of money troubles, unsavory characters, and tragic scenes. She needs professional help and all of the love you can give won’t fix her.

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