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The quiet of the morning affords a different set of opportunities for those who are willing to take them. Successful people know this well. It seems many of them take advantage of the stillness of dawn as a precursor to a productive workday. Most of these practices make perfect sense. To apply them first thing in the morning seem to produce a double-fold effect. People who have found success in their lives and careers obviously know the recipe. They take care of their bodies, their minds, and their surroundings before taking care of business. These 10 practices have been tried, tested, and found to be generally beneficial to those aiming for success.

1. Wake up as early as possible.

Some find that being awake while everyone is asleep has a productive effect. Many people believe that working late into the night is the best way to be effective. However, studies have shown that people are likely to be more productive after a restful night and that peak brain activity happens in the morning. Successful people who wake up way before the sun rises tend to utilize such early hours to do something for themselves. Whether it’s to read a book, jog a mile or two, or practice a hobby.

2. Rehydrate with basic H2O.

Before even reaching out for that first cup of coffee, many successful individuals opt for a glass of water instead. Whether drank plainly or with a spritz of fresh lemon. A glass of water gets the body re-hydrated and replenished after hours of sleep without any fluid intake. It gets the metabolism kicking and helps the brain be more alert.

3. Stretch the body.

Exercising early in the morning is not only a time management tactic. Most people exercise first thing in the morning to get it in before the opportunity gets lost in the course of a busy and tiring day. However, exercising also has many mental benefits including fine-tuning focus and alertness as a direct result of more oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

4. Fuel the body with something healthy.

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Everyone also knows that breakfast should not be skipped for many physical reasons. The body needs food to function. Successful people know not to consume anything that will only drag their bodies down early in the day. Remember that a good breakfast should have more protein and less carbs.

5. Practice something spiritual.

Whether it’s through meditation, a simple reflection, or a prayer, it’s important to center one’s inner self at the beginning of the day. Many successful people also find that expressing gratitude and reflecting on things to be thankful for is a good way to stay grounded and connected mentally.

6. Visualize a positive day.

The power of visualization and prioritization is lost among many people. However, successful individuals use this tool passionately. Most of those who find success in their careers and lives know how to balance and prioritize. Once prioritization has ensued, the most daring among successful people know to tackle the most difficult jobs first for a smoother-sailing day.

7. Pick up after self.

There’s more to making the bed than the great feeling of coming home to a bed that’s ready to be fussed. Developing better tidying habits in the morning eventually translate to better habits and decision-making throughout the day. Making the bed and putting away breakfast dishes are simple habits that help successful people develop discipline at home and at work.

8. Acknowledge family.

For many successful individuals, mornings may be the only free time available to get a chance to spend time with family. Utilizing the morning to spend quality time with children, spouses, or partners is a great way to get the day started. Whether this time is spent over breakfast or doing a shared hobby, acknowledging loved ones is important to one’s well-being.

9. Check e-mails.

Although many experts claim that checking emails early in the day is a dangerous and wasteful practice, many successful people actually do it first thing in the morning. The reasoning behind this is to get a chance to briefly glance at both urgent and non-urgent matters and to get a chance to quickly respond to those that need attention right away.

10. Keep informed.

It is important for busy people to be able to stay abreast of current news and just stay informed of trends. Many successful individuals use the morning to read the newspaper or watch morning news shows on television. Some even use this time to check social media outlets such as Twitter. This is a good practice to get away from the urge of checking social media throughout the day and be able to focus on tasks at hand instead. Keeping informed also helps the mind stay sharp and updated.

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