10 Ways to Spot a Liar Easily: The Tells Tell All

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tricks to spot a liar

People rarely think they are being told a lie when it comes to the people that they deal with on a regular basis. There are certain body language “tells” that will give a person away when they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes. These tells can be very valuable and give you the edge up on knowing first hand who is lying and who is telling the truth in situations at work, home and school. Can you spot a liar? Here are ten ways to detect human lies through body language.

1. Turning away from you when they speak

A great way of spotting the “tell” on a liar is to notice their movements. Are they uncomfortable around you? Are they walking away from you as they speak? This is a definite sign that someone is lying because lying is not comfortable for the body or the person no matter how much they lie.

2. Too much Eye Contact

When people lie, they will look straight at you now because they have learned that breaking eye contact was an old sign used to detect liars. So now the sign has changed and it is too much eye contact and very little blinking. These are the new ways liars try to get away with their lies. Staring during a conversation without blinking or movement is a definite sign something is not true.

3. Fidgeting or Shuffling

Anyone who begins to lie will have an immediate biological reaction and begin to feel nervous energy flowing through their bodies. This can manifest in fidgeting with things around that person or shuffling their feet as they stand near you when speaking. These are definite tells and will tell on the person.

4. Changes in Facial Expression

There will be immediate signs on someone’s face if they lie no matter how they try to hide it from others. Most expressions are obvious because they break the conversation. One of these signs is facial expression changes that are unnatural during your conversation. Blinking too much is also a sign of lying so be on the lookout for this expression change when you are speaking to others.

5. Long Pauses Before a Reply

Another obvious expression that the person will make is pausing quite a long time before giving an answer. There is a thought process to a lie and it takes others longer than some to answer in a conversation. This might lead you to think they are being honest but the chances are that they are thinking up a padded response to your question. Question long pauses in your conversations because it could point to lies.

6. Micro-Expressions

Con men and liars often try to hide their lies with straight faces but our faces are not that easily hidden. Scientists have discovered that micro-expressions are how you can tell someone is lying to you. These are tiny expressions that will almost look like laughing or smiling in a straight face. Be watching as people reply to you and you can see this type of reaction easily.

7. Stuttering or Explaining Too Much

When a person goes into too much detail explaining themselves it is usually a sign that none of it is truth. This too also goes for stuttering because honesty is hidden but not very well when someone begins to lie. Our bodies will biologically tell on us and these are some of the signs.

8. Changes in Speech Patterns

Everyone lies in the same ways and one of the ways that can detect if it is a lie or the truth is when someone will change their pattern of speech. The subtle use of contractions in speech such as, “did not” instead of didn’t will show the lie very quickly. The truth comes off the tongue much easier than a lie does and to reinforce the manipulation this is a sign of liars everywhere.

9. Sweating

When someone breaks into a sweat as they are replying to your question it’s a good bet that they are lying. Sweating is a normal reaction to lying because our bodies begin to tell the truth. Watch for unusual sweating as a reaction to the questions you ask when speaking to a suspected liar.

10. Covering Their Mouth

This is an almost uncontrollable response that liars have to lying. They will instinctively cover their mouth while speaking the lie. Hiding their mouth is a subtle sign that they are not speaking the truth. Watch for someone covering their mouth with their hands or hand to mouth contact as they speak because this sign is a sure way to detect lying body language in people that surround you every day.

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