Speak with Confidence: 4 Tips Towards Speaking Like a Man

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Growing up, teachers and educational programs practically sermonized the tired old line of ‘you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.’ Sounds sweet, but bitter reality says that presentation is everything. Not everyone’s willing to spare you a second chance, be it prospective employers or girlfriend hopefuls. Some are naturally gifted with public speaking, but for most of us some basic skill building is required.

Therefore, it’s critical to punch ’em in the gut with your first appearance. Where many men fail though, is in voice control. They either talk too quickly, too quietly, in throaty mumbles, or squeak like grandpa’s 80-year-old pickup truck.

But if there’s a will, there’s a way. Practice the tips for speaking like a man below with daily devotion, and you’ll do more than sound like a man. You’ll command respect and charm the pants off (sometimes literally!) your audience with every syllable uttered.


1. Find Your True Voice

Let’s be straight here, man-to-man. Most women prefer rich, deep voices, think Michael Duncan Clarke. Sadly, not every man is blessed with such a gift. You can force a deeper voice by straining your vocal chords, but it’ll sound a bit muffled and doesn’t project well.

So instead, you must discover your true voice and optimize it. Your true voice will be the tone which feels most natural to emit. To find it, you’re best off going into an isolated space like your room or a cave.

You there? Good. Now inhale, then exhale and say ‘aaaaahhh’. Nice and slow in mock imitation of Tibetan Buddhists. Rinse and repeat several times. Remember to exhale from your diaphragm to avoid throaty or nasally obfuscations. This tone will be the cornerstone of your speech, so practice until it feels natural.


2. Enhance Your Projection

With sealed lips, elite ventriloquists can project their voice around a room. They’re so good, you’d swear your couch cushion was cracking jokes at your expense. So, what’s your excuse?

The key to their trickery isn’t merely sheer volume, it’s clarity. When master chefs bark orders to their sous chefs, each command must resonate clearly throughout the kitchen. Loud enough to reach the whole crew, and coherent enough to eliminate any audial discrepancies.

To project clearly and powerfully, push with your diaphragm. Envision squeezing each word from the pit of your stomach. Each inhale should move your stomach up and down, not your chest. Retreat once more to your cave and practice this technique with whatever random malarkey comes to mind. Eventually you’ll speak with volume and clarity without straining yourself.


3. Go Slowly and Deliberately

Chronic stutterers train themselves to pronounce each syllable with absolute purpose at a steady pace. They speak slowly so as to avoid mincing words and revealing their stutter.

Whether you stutter or not though, speaking slowly and with deliberate pronunciation speaks of authority and raw masculinity. Of course, you’re best off avoiding five second theatrical pauses or taking so long that your audience weeps of boredom. But barring those pitfalls, it’s a powerful method for incorporating everything we’ve learned so far.

When you go slowly, it’s easier to use your true voice, project properly, and pick your words with care. Once you’ve mastered the above, you can gradually increase your speaking speed if you so desire.


4. Flesh Out Your Style

With enough persistence and repetition, your voice will ring loud and pure every time. You’ll fall victim to far fewer ‘come agains?’, while exuding more charisma than ever before. So, from here on out, it’s all about customizing your vocal platitudes to the individual that you are.

Clint Eastwood strikes hard hitting, no-nonsense grandpa vibes whereas Steve Jobs was soft-spoken yet fluidly captivating in his speeches. Both enthrall their respective audiences just in different ways. These men utilize the above tips, but infuse them with personality.

And isn’t that the whole point of manhood? Forging your own path? After all, the goal isn’t to emulate real men. It’s to become a real man. Master the art of verbal communication and you’ll soon see firsthand how differently the world responds.

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