Small Talk is an Art Form: 5 Questions Never to Ask

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Communication is undoubtedly an art that can be mastered by correct choice of words. The way you talk to someone speaks volumes about your personality and if a word uttered by you is pleasant and appropriate according to the situation, it would leave a good impression to the listener otherwise it will be disastrous for your relationship. Therefore, it is very important to think before you talk. It sometimes so happens that you get into a conversation session that gets both parties into an awkward position. To tell you the truth, it was one of my recent experiences that made me start writing this article. Here are some questions which I would strongly recommend not to ask anybody. Below are the some of the five questions that you should never ask when engaging in small talk:

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Engaging conversation

1. “Did you go there for fun?”

If the other person tells you about his visit to some place, it is not recommended to come up with a response like “That is great! Did you go there for fun?” because it may happen that the visit was for the sake of someone’s death or illness. I mean the question might hurt other person’s feelings and you will get into yourself into an embarrassing situation. So, you should not be so insensitive and carefree in your conversation.

An alternative question might be: “Any specific reason to go there?”

2. “When are you guys going to have kids?”

Well! That is a very personal question to ask from a couple already trying to have kids. Apparently, it is a very harmless thing to ask but the answer could be extremely painful for the couple having some fertility issues. I mean having kids is a dream come true for most of the couples. But if they are not being blessed with the blessing of kids and you come up with the question about their parenthood, it must be a bitter reality for them.

I cannot tell you any alternative words to put the matter, as it is the most pleasant thing to happen in someone’s life and you will come to know yourself whenever it will happen.

3. “Is this your mother/sister/daughter?”

Now this is extremely tricky thing to ask someone, as it is not necessary that a guy is going with some lady and she must be his mom or sister or daughter. What if you abruptly go and ask him the foolish question and he tells you that “Well! She is my wife or girlfriend” and the same goes with women. Never ever take the risk of putting it like “Is that your brother/father or son?” In fact, it is even more embarrassing for a woman to answer to such a question when she is accompanying her spouse or potential spouse.

So, the best way to go about it is to say: “Who is this wonderful person I am feeling pleasure of meeting?”

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No one wants to hear your crap

4. “How long have you been dating?”

Well! That is one thing a couple would definitely hesitate to tell you in general small talk. So, why should you put yourself into an uneasy situation? This is especially a very unpleasant thing to ask if the couple you are trying to talk to is not even dating. Aaah! Just imagine what would be the possible response to such a ridiculous question; at least, it would be a stupid question for the couple you are talking to.

An alternative way of asking the same thing is that: “How did you meet?” or “How long have you been meeting each other?”

5. “Are you pregnant?”

This is yet another risky question to ask a woman who might be having some medical issues regarding getting pregnant. You should stay away from such questionin small talk, which might hurt the feelings of the woman you are communicating with. So, always avoid getting into such an unpleasant situation.

In fact, I cannot tell you any other set of words to ask this to some woman as there are some things which become evident after some specific time and that is actually the right time to reveal such information. So, hold back your curiosity unless and until you are sure that you are going to have a positive reply to such question.

There you have it. Avoid these questions and you’ll be on your way to better small talk.

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