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gadgets for the modern man

We love our toys and gadgets. With the advancement in technology, settling for a given type of gadget can be tricky as you try to identify which of the gadgets is not only necessary but also cool to have. Men settle for a given gadget for various reasons but the bottom line is that they need to be functional and cool. Here is a look back to 2016 and the top 10 best gadgets every man wants to meet their goals.

nyrius aries homeplus wireless hdmi transmitter
Wireless Technology

1. Nyrius Aries Home+ Wireless HDMI Transmitter.

These gadgets are ideal for men who love gaming and own a home with their families. This is because you can allow other individuals use the television of their choice without interrupting your games. This is because you have the ability to wirelessly stream HDMI-capable devices to another device. Being wireless, you do not have to unplug anything thus allowing for convenience and efficiency. This makes it cheaper as opposed to buying an additional gaming console.

lightmate emergency led flashlight
Portable Power

2. LightMate Emergency LED Flashlight

This gadget is both cool and functional. It is not only durable but is also designed to be waterproof. In reference to its functions, it allows for versatility. With this gadget, you can use it for the following purposes.

As a light torch:
As a torch, it comes with the ability to adjust its modes between bright, medium, dim, SOS, and strobe to suit where you are and the situation at hand.

A power bank:
It features a 2200mAh power bank that has a USB charging port accompanied by its capable that will allow you charge your phone in case your phone is on low power and you are nowhere near a power source.

Use it as an emergency glass breaker:
Its high-strength pointed alloy steel feature will help you break glass safely and effectively in time of an emergency.

izon wi fi video monitor
Home Security

3. Izon WI-FI Video Monitor

These gadgets are ideal for home security and no matter where you are, you can check on what is going on at home right from your smart phone. All you need is internet access and you will have a clear visual as well as sound from your location. Simply position it at your point of preference and you can monitor your home.

nespresso pixie espresso maker
Best coffee

4. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

Men who love their espresso will love this gadget in their homes. It does not compromise on quality and it works great. It is designed to be easy to use such that even a beginner can use it without a hassle to obtain the best cup of espresso.

divoom voombox outdoor
Wireless speaker

5. Divoom Voombox

This is a wireless speaker that that every man who loves the outdoors is seeking. Because it is wireless, all you have to do is connect your music via Bluetooth. The sound is clear and the base is outstanding. As it is designed for the outdoors, it is also designed to enhance its durability, as it is water resistant.

logitech harmony home control screens
Home Systems Network

6. Logitech Harmony Home Control

These gadgets are a universal smart remote that allows you to use your smart phone as your remote. The days when you could not find your remote are over. It is important to note that it also functions with several of your entertainment devices and automated devices such as televisions, cable boxes and satellite, and Blu-ray players.

sun joe electric lawn mower
Low Maintenance Lawn Maintenance

7. Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower

All men who have a lawn should consider having this gadget. This gadget will definitely save you on the cost of having a professional do it while at the same time producing the best results. It is also fast, reliable, and convenient as it runs on electric power. It will serve you in the long-term as long as you use it as required.

koala tablet wall mount dock by dockem
Hands Free Tablet Mount

8. Koala Tablet Wall Mount Dock by Dockem

This tablet wall mount stands out from the rest in the market because it is the easiest and fastest to set up. In this, you no longer have to hold your tablet when watching a movie. It works great with all types of tablets so you have no reason not to own one. Anywhere you need it, simply set it up. In addition to functionality, it is also affordable.

notion detectors
Keep Your Home Healthy

9. Notion

Every man wants to be able to care for his home’s systems. These gadgets are designed to detect issues such as a water leak, when a door opens and closes the room’s temperature as well as sound. Once it detects these occurrences, it will send you a text via your smartphone. Simply place it where you need the feedback and it works like magic.

gps tracker
Find Your Valuables

10. TrackR StickR

These gadgets come in handy when looking to find where some of the common items you misplace are. It could be your remote or wallet. All you have to do is attach the device to these items and install the app that comes with using this gadget on your smartphone. Once you cannot find your misplaced item, simply activate the app and the gadget will beep from where it is. It is diverse allowing you to use it on Android and iOS.

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