10 Places to Get a Free Online Education

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With the Internet playing such a prevalent role in our daily lives, we can now learn anything we want online for free. Some information found online isn’t actually reputable, but there are websites that can give you the best learning experience – at no cost to you. The below list of online learning portals give you everything you need to get a free online education and be a student of the world without having to cough up your hard-earned money. Remember knowledge is power.

1. Alison

Alison offers diploma courses that give certificates of completion whenever classes are completed. With this easy to use website, you can learn the basics of personal finance, currency exchange, history, different languages and a wide range of health topics – among so many others.

2. 99U

99U is a website that is comprised of videos created by entrepreneurs – for entrepreneurs. This resource provides informational video content that is focused on those with creative minds. With these handy videos, you can overcome blocks in productivity, learning better behaviors and running meetings like corporate giants.

3. Ignite

For those who are constrained by time, Ignite offers presentations that last for only five minutes each. Ignite builds confidence in public speakers and offers a public platform for anyone and everyone to share their wealth of knowledge – no matter the topic.

If you don’t see an Ignite, then you are encouraged to use the website and start one!

4. Wikiversity

Wikiversity is structured just like Wikipedia and provides a huge wealth of information for those in need of resources, training and informal learning. The site has over 22,000 learning resources and is constantly growing. No matter your level of education, there is great value to what this website offers. Courses include (but aren’t limited to) Basic Chemistry, Filmmaking, Linux Administration and Homelessness. Like Wikipedia, it is open source and able to be added to and edited.

5. Open Culture

This website is based on WordPress and has a seemingly unending supply of articles, downloadable courses, free music and art and a plethora of resources dedicated to anyone in K-12 and beyond. In addition, there are e-books, movies, lectures, business courses and free textbooks. While the layout may leave a lot to be desired, the content surely makes up for it.

6. Project Gutenberg

You can gain access quickly and freely to any e-book in the public domain. The website includes historic documents as well as books whose copyrights have expired. There are over 50,000 e-books available and along with contemporary works created by more recent publishers. Read books online or download them for later, but there is no cost associated with the website’s use (unless you wish to make a donation).

7. TED Talks

TED Talks offer a wide selection of videos from experts in their fields who offer informational talks on a variety of topics. You can watch a video on procrastination, public speaking, mixing medications and more. TED Talks now come in over 100 languages and serve as a mix of entertainment, technology and design to cover a wide variety of ideas.

8. Coursera

With this handy website, you have access to the world’s best learning courses for free. Learn what students at Stanford, Johns Hopkins and other fine colleges are learning – but all free. Top rated courses include HTML, CSS and Javascript for Web Developers, Introduction to Classical Music and Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy. For those focused on smaller projects, you can learn things like how to create a website in a weekend and just like college, you will have to take quizzes in order to pass.

9. Open Education Database

You can search by topic to find information on their vast array of free online courses. All levels of learners are welcomed and boasts a collection of 10,000 free courses from colleges all over the world.

10. The Free Library

The Free Library is especially useful because users can rearrange the website’s information to suit his or her needs. The website contains classic literary works, famous quotes and starting from 1984, millions of articles.


No matter which website you use, it is always best to take your educational tools anywhere you can get them. Knowledge will never go out of style and will always be useful in future employment opportunities and for personal hobbies.

A free education is nothing to look down on and can give you the tools you need to succeed in life.

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