First Impression: How to Enter a Room with Confidence

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When entering a room whether it is for an interview, a presentation, or any other purpose you expect all eyeballs to be on you. People are curious to see how you present yourself. By entering a room, we create the first impression, which really matters because it influences the future relationship. Imagine you are meeting your future in-laws for the first time or even your online lover, or maybe it’s a new client. The way you present yourself from the first time their eyes land on you really says a lot because of the non-verbal communication. So how do you make sure that you are confident when walking into that room and give a great impression? Here are some tips.

You first have to prepare yourself. You start by getting every detail of the event – what time does it start, dress code, the exact location and if you don’t have the direction you get them. Speed walking to an event due to loss of direction can really distract you and lead to frustrations. Picture yourself walking into a party dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and everyone else is in a suit. This would kill all your confidence. These are some of the reasons as to why you need to prepare yourself.

After getting every detail of the event now settle your mind on what to wear, where to park, what to carry and such things do not rush the last minute for it can lead to destructions. Practice on how you will walk into that room. Practice how you will position your body. Positioning your body in a powerful way does not only make other people perceive you as powerful but also makes you feel more powerful giving you more confidence.

If you are nervous you can distract your mind by occupying yourself with something that doesn’t need a lot of thinking like calling a friend who makes you laugh or singing as you drive. This will reset your emotional state and help reduce nervousness. Now you prepared enough for the big arrival. It is time to enter that room. Here are some tips on how you do it.

Walk in the room with firm sense of purpose. This will give an opportunity to survey the room and also make you appear to as a person who knows what he or she is doing. Make sure you walk with certainty and conviction. Put on a big smile and give eye contact to the people in the room. Facial expression is one of the most important nonverbal signals people use to size you up and figure out your intent. Remember to be on your game from the moment you step in that room because impression start then. Don’t forget to position your body in the right posture. Straighten your posture. This will help you appear confident. Lifting your chin slightly could also do you good.

Walk briskly and remember to lengthen your strides. Walking slowly and silently will just make you look preoccupied with your own thoughts and afraid. There is also another big mistake many people make, looking down when in an un-comfortable situation. Probably you are walking in a room where you know no one, keep your head held high no matter how uncomfortable you are because by not doing so you will look nervous and scared.

When finally it comes to talking, make sure you gesticulate. This will help you avoid using terms such as “ummm” which makes you seem unsure of yourself. But try as much as possible to keep your gesticulation natural as possible. Do not pocket as you speak. Keeping your arms free will help you in gesticulation. Ask questions too. This also helps in demonstrating your confidence.

It is all about confidence when you walk in that room. Walking with confidence is a great way to create a great first impression or a way of demonstrating confidence without even saying a word. As they say body language is worth a thousand words because in a glance most people can tell your personality.

By a little practice, you can learn to show confidence through body language so as you can appear confident, ready and capable. By following the few tips given your confidence will be great and walking to that room will create opportunities and not frustrations.

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