10 Hacks That Help You Gain an Advantage in Social Conversation

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social hacks how to talk to people in social conversation

Many at times we find ourselves in different social situations that require us to behave in a certain way. It is important that you know how to conduct yourself in social situations so that you can have good interaction with other people. Some individuals tend to be shy while others end up engaging in arguments with others. All these can be avoided. We are going to provide you with hacks that help you gain advantage in social situations.


1. Focus on People’s Feet

It is bad to interrupt people especially when they are engaging in an important discussion. This habit is very annoying and can really have a negative effect on your social life. But it is possible to know when you are welcome to the discussion. Just look at their body language, especially the feet. If they turn their feet, feel free to join them but if they don’t, please stay away. That would probably mean that they are in the middle of a very important conversation.


2. ” I need Your Help”

You may find yourself in a situation where you cannot accomplish a task probably because you are lazy or lack experience. Do not be afraid to ask for help. But always start with the statement “I Need Your Help’’. It won’t make you any lesser. By so doing, somebody will offer you help. Nobody wants to feel the guilt of not helping someone who asks for assistance.


3. Stand Next to A Person

In the course of communicating with somebody, your conversation may result to an argument. The person may become angry and irritated. Do not stand in front of him. You will appear like a threat to him. It is advisable that you stand next to him. This will calm him down so that things can go back to normal.


4. Give Validation

You should understand the nature of human beings. They like validation. Therefore, give them what they like and you will have an amazing social interaction. When a person says something that is very important, rephrase it in your own words. This will make the person feel that you are a good listener and have interest in him/her. This hack works perfectly. Try it.


5. For the Best Response, Talk as You Nod

Communication is a two-way street. It feels good to get response from someone you are talking to. But in order to get positive response, you are advised to nod your head. This will make a person agree with what you are saying. Chances are that the person will nod back. This is very encouraging in any communication.


6. Test If a Person Is Paying Attention

You may be involved in a lengthy conversation with someone and it does you no good to continue talking to someone whose mind is elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to bring him back to the conversation. You can achieve this by carrying out a simple test to see if the person is still paying attention. Just fold your arms. When the person you are talking with mimics the same, then he is still paying attention. If he doesn’t, know that you are speaking to yourself.


7. Repeat Names in The Conversation

People feel good when you call them by their names. Unfortunately, some individuals forget names of people even after having introduced themselves to each other. You should learn to pay attention when somebody introduces himself and repeat his name in the conversation. This will help you remember his/her name. It will also make the person feel good and valued.


8. Focus on Emotions

When you are speaking to a gathering, focus on emotions. People usually pay attention to the way you behave rather than how you look or who you are. You need to evoke emotions such as laughter, intrigue and excitement so that you can a powerful and successful presentation.


9. Have Confidence

Knowledge alone may not take you far. You need confidence in whatever you intend to do. Knowledge without confidence can deny you an opportunity especially in a job interview.


10. Feel Comfortable in All Social Situations

You should always feel comfortable in every social situation. Whether you are meeting people for the first time or interacting with strangers, just assume that you already know them. Try to command your brain to feel that you already know them. This will help you make friends. They will also develop interest in knowing you and eventually like you.


In conclusion, the above are the hacks that will help you gain advantage in social situations. Embrace them and you will surely have an amazing social life. You will like people and they will too love you. You will make friends and enjoy the benefits associated with interacting with other people.

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