Love and Money: Why Your Girlfriend is Making You Broke

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Relationships can be fun, but sometimes too expensive. You are probably thinking this is normal but, there’s definitely something you can do about it. It is only after you try to account for your expenditure that you realize your girlfriend is the largest expenditure. The following reasons are why your girlfriend is making you broke and how you should address this to prevent running broke faster than you saved. So that you not to have to choose between love and money.

relationship issues
Is she calling again?

1. She Wants to Call You

Calling you and texting is actually a great idea and it can keep you smiling and happy. The concern comes in when you have to reciprocate and call back as well as text. This becomes a financial thorn when your cell phone plan is strained and you start incurring fines for consuming more than your current plan allows you to. You probably want to talk to her as much and you will probably do it. While you thought, you were simply going to wish her a lovely night and the conversation goes on and on about how the day went.

How to handle this: Renegotiate Your Cell Phone Plan

Weigh the available plans and get one that will accommodate your busy lifestyle. It will cost you less to pay for a more accommodating plan than a higher fee on over usage fee. The extra plan will probably cost you an extra $5 while the over usage fee can amount to $15. Be wise and renegotiate a better plan.

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To cook, or to spend?

2. She Wants To go Out

Whether she is looking to hang out with you or simply unwind from a tough week, this will definitely consume a great part of your finances. You will be looking at a few drinks for the two of you and an appetizer at the least and because it is late, consider getting a cab back home. These are the expectations on a light day out. It gets worse when you have to eat out and address other extras. At the time, you are looking at it, taking her out once a week does not sound like much. However, have you thought of the impact in the long term? Assume you go out and spend about $100 every night on average; this accumulates to $400 a month. This amount goes higher for the all-out evenings and big nights.

How to handle this: Limit the Nights Out

You can cut costs on this by opting for nights in. Reduce the number of nights you actually have to go out. Staying in is more affordable and you can invite other couples to spice up the night. Get a movie, cook some snacks, and buy a bottle of wine. You do not have to pay for the movies and cooking at home is far much cheaper. Keep your love and money.

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A gift for your girlfriend

3. She Wants Presents

Giving a present is one way of appreciating your girlfriend or celebrating a given event with her. This is not about going all the way to get her a rare jewel that will cost you millions; it is about the simple presents that will have meaning to just the two of you. Looking at statistics, it will cost you about $100 for a gift. This does not sound like much but the figures change depending on the number of occasions you will have to buy her a present. It starts with her birthday, soon its valentines, your anniversary, and it’s Christmas. These events are compulsory so you still have not added the other gifts you present as surprises.

How to handle this: Save on Presents

The trick here is to save on presents, which you can approach in two ways. First, you can opt to save funds to address her presents and avoid using your savings. If this is impossible, it is time to negotiate a present limit with her. Rather than go out and get a bouquet of flowers, get her one. If she cares about you, she will appreciate your effort just as much.

money and relationships
Relaxing on the beach

4. She Wants to Get Away

Getaways are the most demanding even when you opt to have just two in a whole year. It is a good gesture and yes, you will get to spend more time together but they create one of the biggest financial dents and are even capable of creating debts. This reason will require more than $1000. This includes your accommodation, dining, and other activities during your weekend.

How to handle this: Save for your Getaways

Getaways are a great idea but it is advisable that you actually save for it too rather than get the funding from your initial savings. Analyze the required mount and save more than you speculated to ensure nothing.

Love and money can be hard to balance. Be cautious of spending too much in the beginning, as it will set the tone for the rest of your relationship. There are many ways to have great experiences without spending the bank. So that when the time comes to pull out the red carpet, you can really show her a good time!

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