7 Reasons You Haven’t Gotten That Raise or Job Promotion

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You can increase your chances of getting a raise at work. If you know that you always do good work, above average, and don’t slack off that is your best base for getting a raise. Once you have been with a company for long enough or taken on more work regularly, it may be time that you are eligible for a raise. There are also several reasons why you are not getting a raise.

1. Not asking for a raise

If you never ask for a raise, you most likely won’t get one. Some companies do annual reviews and raises, but not always. 84% of bosses expect employees to ask for a raise, but it shows that only 41% of US workers actually do. Usually, you will need to ask for a raise. Take stock of everything you do, from an employer’s state of mind, to honestly see if you deserve a raise.

When you are ready to ask your boss for a raise, get all your ducks in a row. Have proof of the work that you do currently, work that you have completed that is outstanding, you want to show your boss how you benefit the company. They do not care what your personal circumstances are, they want to know what you do for them, and you want them to realize that it would not be easy to replace you.

2. Inconsistent work

Your work must show that you deserve a raise before any employer is going to approve it. If your work is poor or inconsistent a raise is the last thing you should be worried about, you should be worried about losing your job. Work hard to improve your work, be consistent on every item you work on. Then take on new or more work to start showing that you are an asset to the company.

3.Your skills are not current

By failing to stay up to date on skills that you use every day, you are not making yourself an asset to the company. Think about it this way, if the company can hire someone new with up to date skills at or below your salary, why would they want to keep you at all, let alone give you a raise?

Find free online skills courses to stay sharp and current with the skills you use on a regular basis. If you have been with your company for a long time, and not taken any classes recently, there could be plenty of new information out there that would benefit you and your company if your skills were up to date.

4. No one knows you deserve a raise

Do you really think that your boss has time to know exactly what you do every day? Do they pay attention to positives on a day-to-day basis? No, they want their company to run smoothly and profitably and as long as that happens they have much more important things to do with their time.

It is up to you to take the initiative to show your boss that you deserve a raise. Detail out what you do on a daily basis that causes the company to run smoothly and profitably. Show that you are a valuable asset to the positive aspects of the operation of the company.

5. Unrealistic expectations

First and foremost, do you really deserve a raise? Have you checked to see what the average salary for your position in your geographical area? Finally, have you had conversations with your boss to know how he/she sees your work? Maybe you think it is outstanding, but the boss sees it as average.

Lastly, how does the company give raises? And are they in a position to offer anyone raises right now? If the fiscal timing or the finances of the company are not perfect, it is not realistic to ask for a raise right now.

6. Attention to detail

Do you repeatedly have to fix the same type of mistakes over and over? Do you need reminders of typical work that you are expected to do? How often do you ask the same questions more than once? Then it is probably not your time for a raise.

Learn to pay attention to details, take notes when you have meetings or when given instructions and try to find your own answers to questions before you ask your boss. If you do make a mistake, make notes for yourself; what it is, what you did, how you fixed it and what you could have done to prevent it. That will help you to remember next time before you make the same mistake.

7. Too Personal

Do you bring too much of your personal life to work? Are your reasons for your raise request because you are living above your means? Or are you citing more personal reasons for a raise than what benefits the company?

Don’t talk about your personal finances; discuss how you benefit the company not about what they should do for you.

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