Best Ways to Start Investing for Beginners

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how to start investing

Most people don’t know where to start when it comes to investing and are simply afraid to lose any money. Truth is that investment can be safe way to generate a substantial amount of money. If you start investing earlier, you will have more time to let your money compound and grow. Here are best ways to start investing for beginners.

1. Leverage years

When you’re young, time is truly your ally. Power of compounding can help your money grow in way that never will again since right now, you have got decades on your side. Consider that if you start just $1200 annually, mere $100 per month when you start at age of 25, by age 65 you will have about $185,700 if you have 6% return.

2. Save more

It might seem like sacrifice to save 30% of your stipend right now but think about it in this way that by saving as much as you can while there are fewer demands on your remuneration when compared to your 50s when you may have kids in college you will put yourself ahead. Also, if you lose your job at some point or even raising children means you temporarily have to save little less, and you are not giving up as much ground.

3. Be aggressive

Putting your money into assets does entail more risk. It also provides you with more growth at time of life when you require growth and can presumably handle risk. When you’re more conservative, you will risk losing out on market gains and jeopardize your savings.

4. Enroll in your company’s plan

Enrollment itself isn’t technically an investment. The account can become platform for you to hold investments like bonds, stocks, cash and mutual funds. The 401k plan is ideal for beginning entrepreneur since it delivers not only site to prepare for recession but also an account that prevents income taxes until you withdraw funds. Several employers offer matching funds in that they will match amount of money you deposit into your 401k report to encourage your retirement investment, and this money is one way you can begin to build your financial portfolio.

5. Keep your expenditure low

You should try as possible to keep your outgoings low because outlay will cut into your gains significantly. You can watch for high fees from your brokers and keep on top of current market trends via trusted news sources such as InvestorPlace. Trust in InvestorPlace to provide you with current news in variety of market.

6. Select your investment

This is where to get overwhelming and best way is to stick with exchange-trade funds or mutual funds rather than bonds and individual stocks until you get your feet wet. The funds will allow you to invest in broad portfolio of bonds and stocks in single transaction rather than trading them all yourself. These funds aren’t only safer investments because they are diversified but also, it’s often less expensive to invest in this way because instead of paying trading commissions to buy different stocks you will either pay one trading commission or nothing at all.

7. Choose your account type

You will need to select either you are venturing in taxable account, general or an individual retirement account (IRA). The Roth IRA or IRA delivers certain tax advantages as an incentive to save for retirement. But disadvantage is there are limits on how much you can contribute to financial record annually and when you can withdraw money. But since you’re a young investor, you should select Roth IRA. If you need to invest your money for another goal like starting business or buying home, or you already have retirement account, regular brokerage account will do. Always remember that your capital gains money you earn when you sell security for more than you paid for it and they are taxable, as will certain dividends you receive.


People say that investing is like religion, and so you need to commit yourself to everything. Congratulation on selecting to invest at such young age but when you are old, you won’t have much stress when you want money. You will thank yourself when you hit your first million not too long from now.

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