10 Career Tips That No One Tells You

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Life at times looks straightforward, and the path seems straight. At the beginning, the route is known and almost predictable. It is commonly believed that after years of hard work in school, you will land a good office job, which you will work at for the rest of your life.

However, life is not that easy, and the perception you have before you join the working world has to change. A job is not just about making money; it is much more complicated. There are many factors that contribute to success or failure in the workplace.

1. You Can Leave Your Job Before Finding Another

Staying in a stressful position at work does not help your situation. You may not have landed a new job but work-induced stress can seriously affect your well-being. There is nothing gloomier than staying at a job that gives you headaches. Your daily schedule will be filled with anxiety, depression, exhaustion and more.

What you can do in this situation is to find a way to support yourself as you look for another job. The misery will not give you peace to apply for another job or even think clearly.

2. Horizontal Change is Also Good

The conventional way to succeed at a job has been to stick to one line and grow-up the ladder that way. Still, there are those who abandon their main line of work and do something different or make a complete changeover. This does not mean that they are wrong; they have probably discovered that they no longer thrive at their current line and hence venture into something different. Fulfillment is equally as important as everything else in life.

3. Only Do What You Can

There are times when you clock in hours and hours of work and even go that extra mile to help your company achieve its goals. This is good but it does not mean that your employer will see things the way they do. Specifically, your boss could be looking for something particular that is beyond what you think you should offer. The best scenario is knowing what that is and doing it, but if you fail to, you should not be so hard on yourself.

4. Pleasing Everyone Should Never Be Your Goal

You may be lucky to have a boss or client who gives complements. Nonetheless, most co-workers and bosses do not give complements because they feel jealous or threatened by the good work you do. Only a few say positive things and most of them only speak when giving negative feedback. You are the only person who can appreciate the contribution you bring to the workplace.

5. There is no Good Job Where Office Politics Don’t Exist

You may have landed a job that you think is awesome but find challenges along the way. One of the biggest challenges is office politics that can turn the nicest of jobs into a nightmare. It is hard to progress or do well in an environment where colleagues do not value each other or where the good work you do is not visible to the people who matter, and those who are loud are the ones who get the promotions.

6. Super Busy Will Hurt You

High achievers do not necessarily work long hours or have the ‘super busy’ title. It is ironical that the busier you seem, the less the chances of climbing up. You may fail to get promoted because you take up too much and deliver little. Stress is also a sign that you are not prepared for more work.

7. There Are Days When You Will Hate Your Job

It is okay to hate your job on some days: it happens to everyone. The dream position can have its disappointments too. You will find that even a place that is normally amazing can suck at times. Furthermore, bad days do find a way to creep into the workplace and taint the image you have of it. There are days when there is no motivation to go to work right from the start of the day, and this is okay.

8. A Job Has Some Unsaid Expenditure

What your employer does not tell you is that there are some expenses that come with your job. You will need to get that certification, masters or pay for some workshops in the course of work. Likewise, when you travel for work, you will need to cater for some costs, and this is not what you would prefer but you have to. You further need to get some new skills in order to advance further.

9. Take Some Time Off If You Have To

You can get to a point of exhaustion where you cannot get up one more day to go to work. This should not be a major alarm. You should not kill yourself because of work and this is a clear sign that you need a break. When it gets to a point where you cannot take it anymore, it is prudent to take time off to rejuvenate and rethink things.

10. Change is Inevitable

When you start out, you may have the energy to work long hours and give more than 100 percent. However, with time you get other important things in your life, like a family that preoccupies your mind. Promotion, money and your boss then take a back seat to other crucial aspects of your life. This then means that you do what is right for you at that stage in your life.

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