5 Foods That Will Definitely Stunt Your Weight Loss

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There are many foods that we routinely eat that are not healthy and not conducive to losing weight. Most people know that you cannot eat fast food and sugary sweets and expect to be healthy or to lose weight. Some other foods are also on the wrong side of healthy that you may not know about. They are common foods that many people eat regularly as well, but they really are not healthy and have been proven to stunt your weight loss goals. These 5 foods should be avoided just as much as the fast food and sugary sweets.

1. White Bread

Just about every generation for the last 30+ years was raised on white bread; it was a staple for most meals. The problem with white bread is that is has absolutely no nutritional value. It also has a high sugar content and high carbs that are converted to sugar in the body. This means that your body digests it very fast, so it only satisfies your body for a short time. Then you get hungry again and reach for a snack, most likely, another sugary or high carb snack and the cycle just continues.

Studies show a correlation between people who eat white bread in large quantities are more likely to gain unwanted weight over a short period of 10-12 years. Even if people try to be healthier and buy wheat bread to consume, it is usually more sugar than grains so the body still reacts in a similar fashion. Reducing the amount of breads consumed is best, when you do eat bread ensure that it is whole grain with minimal sugar and processing and no GMO ingredients.

2. Fried Foods

Most people know that fried foods are not very healthy. Fried foods can cause you to gain weight and store fat more than other foods. They can also interfere with your digestive system, causing imbalance in the gut flora. Most people think of fried foods as fast food items: chicken strips or nuggets, French-fries and fried chicken. But they do not think about the fried foods they consume at home, that are not healthy either.

Any type of fried food contains acrylamide, it is activated by the frying and is a cancer causing chemical many people do not know they are consuming. This chemical may be found in many fried foods, it is most prevalent in French-fries and potato chips. Some who have researched this chemical believe that even one French fry is worse than smoking a cigarette.

Fried chicken and donuts are also very high in empty calories and fat because of being fried. Another factor to consider about fried foods is the oils used to fry them. Most canola and soybean oils are made from genetically modified (GMO) plants, which has its own high risk for serious health concerns.

3. Salad Dressings

Salad dressings can ruin the healthiness of a salad, especially cream based salad dressings. They are very high in calories, fat and sodium per serving. Even some oil based dressings are not healthy, due to high calories and fat as well as sodium. They can derail your healthy meal by adding more calories in 1 tablespoon of dressing, than your whole salad has in it.

A healthier alternative is good oil based dressings, pure olive oil or grapeseed oil, even coconut oil that you warm enough to be liquid are healthy. To these oils, you can add spices, herbs and citrus juices to make your salad taste delicious. Spritzers of citrus or berry juices with apple cider vinegar are a very healthy alternative to high fat salad dressings.

4. White Rice

White rice is pretty much the same as eating white bread and it has no nutritional value. It encourages your body to store fats that it does not need, which makes it harder to lose weight. If you choose brown or wild rice as an alternative to white rice then you gain fiber, vitamins and nutrients.

The fiber in brown and wild rice helps to make your body feel full and hold that feeling longer, reducing the cravings for snacks. There are also plant lignans in brown rice that are proven to reduce risk of heart disease. There are also new links to reduce symptoms of asthma and cancer.

5. High Fructose Corn Syrup

This sweetener is found in many processed foods, sodas, pasta sauces and even ketchup. Finally, it has been proven to be extremely unhealthy. It can cause weight gain and increase cravings as well as lead to higher risks in other diseases. It has been linked to behavioral issues in children, developing diabetes and heart disease.

Healthier then soda drink options include; water as the absolute best choice, herbal organic teas, freshly juiced vegetables and fruits. For other items that you find HFCS, read ingredients first and find brands that do not include it. Do some research if you are avoiding this, because manufacturers have called it by different names recently to hide it in the ingredient list.

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