Natural Hacks to Fix a Broken Sleep Schedule

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Ever found yourself stuck in endless loops of hazy night owl tomfoolery? Perhaps work doesn’t start till mid-afternoon, so you’ve formed deeply programmed habits towards 4 a.m. late night binges with a 12 p.m. wake-up call. Whatever the case, switching the ole rise-and-shine to the early morning hours doesn’t come easy. To make the leap and start waking up early you’ll need a plan, discipline, and some basic psychological tricks. Keep reading to discover how to see those blissfully serene morning hours once more, and tips for a great night’s sleep.


Step #1 Associate Waking Up with Good Feelings

That’s right, if your alarm sounds like a self-destruct sequence from Star Trek then you’ll truly resent such a harsh split from dreamland. More often than not you’ll be slapping the snooze button out of venomous spite. Instead, try utilizing one of many phone apps which play your favorite song in place of the alarm. When you’re half-consciously jamming to your favorite groove, starting your day on time will be a cinch.


Step #2 Get Moving ASAP

Of course, the above works best when coupled with even brighter incentives to leave your bed’s safe haven. For starters, placing your alarm across the room will force you to walk. Since you’re already up, throw on pants for modesty, and peek out your front door. Enjoy the soft rays of fresh morning sunlight, indulge in the therapeutic chirpings of local songbirds or the sound of the rain falling. After all, this is a huge reason why you’re changing your routine, right?


Step #3 Plan Ahead to Stay OUT of Bed

The head-grabbing grogginess should be loosening its grip after all of this motion. Use this chance to make your bed undesirable lest you crawl back into it. Many recommend making your bed immediately, but flopping over the covers is still too much of a threat. The method is up to you, but ripping your sheets off or dumping a pile of books on top works as a potent sleeper repellant.


Step #4 Self-Rewards for Sleeping Earlier

Here’s the clincher. The steps above will be for not lest you’ve acquired the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep. To rise with the rooster, you must hit the hay with the cows. Best way to quit staying up late? Rewards and punishment. That new video game you’ve been itching to play? Two weeks of 11 p.m. head-on-pillow, 7 a.m. head-off-pillow, and it’s yours. Every time you fail, the cycle reboots, and you won’t be scratching that itch anytime soon.


Step #5 Never Give Up

Without staunch commitments like work or school taking up your morning hours, your willpower will be pushed into overdrive. It’s too easy to say, “Maybe just for today I’ll sleep a bit more.” And you know what? It’s natural to succumb to the sweet embrace of sleep here and there. But never give up. The path to success is paved with sheer adversity, or in this case, sleepy dreamers. When your attempts start to bear the fruits of hard effort, you’ll never again want to give up the benefits of a proper sleep schedule.


To make the leap and start waking up early you’ll need a plan, discipline and some basic psychological tricks. Here are some tips for a great night’s sleep.

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