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brain health and a sharp mind

How do you keep a sharp mind? When you were young, you went to school and had teachers asking you questions day in and day out. You had to study and aim to get good results. You tried the various strategies that could help you improve your brainpower.

However, with age, and a mundane work life, your brain can easily cease to be as sharp as it once were. Your source of information would probably be only the newspaper and the gossips you hear every day in your work life. If you feel that your decision-making power isn’t the same as before or are getting absent minded, you will need to ensure that you have the sharpness as you had before. While regaining the lost brain sharpness, might seem a tedious task, here are five steps that will help you look at the world in a complete different way.

Give Your Brain What It Needs

Your brain needs a lot of exercise in order to remain short and active. Being idle is going to make you dull and lazy. The more you use your brain, the sharper it gets. Hence, it is very important that you give it thoughts and activities to work on, in order to make it grow and work better day by day. A very important part of keeping your brain strong and active is to eat the right food. It not just affects your brain, but it is important for your overall growth and development.

1. Take your brain for a morning walk

Light is very important to us, it is the light that helps you be cheerful and active. Dark, gloomy days tend to make our brain and body very dull and lazy. Exposure to light is very important for your body clock to be synchronized. Your body clock is dependent on what we call the Circadian rhythm, which is responsible for your sleep cycle, thus keeping you alert throughout the day. Blue light is best to wake your brain up in the mornings and the best source for it is the light we receive from the sun, so wake up and take a brisk morning walk or a stroll in the garden within 30 minutes after you wake up every morning.

2. Keeping it Dark at night

Your brain and body need good rest every night and lack of proper sleep can cause fatigue and irritability. It is important that your brain gets the rest it deserves every night. In order to do so, stay away from blue light at night, especially before going to sleep. Blue light suppresses Melatonin in your brain, which is responsible for giving you adequate and peaceful sleep. Avoid using bright screens like TV, laptops, mobile screens before you go off to sleep. Even if you have to use it use it in the night-mode or with lower screen brightness. Reading from a book before you go off to sleep is a much better idea.

3. A hungry brain is sometimes good

It is okay to skip meals once in a while. A lot of good comes from it like burning some fat and making your brain stronger against stress. It helps the brain dispose of old cells and gives room for newer, active cells. You must make sure that your brain and body aren’t too hungry to concentrate on what you are doing. A hungry brain can be very productive. But make sure you are able to pay attention to whatever you are doing. Having a light dinner can help you wake up early because you tend to be hungry.

4. Clean your brain with activated Charcoal

We come in contact with a lot of toxins every day, from chemicals and colors in food and drinks to the pollution around us or chemicals in the products we use. All these have a negative effect on our brain. It is very important to get rid of these. For this, we have activated charcoal. It is an age-old technique and is great at absorbing all the harmful chemicals and toxins from your body; it can be consumed in order to clean up the digestive system. This can be found in any health food stores.

5. Try out new things to keep your brain active always

You need to keep your brain active all the time and stop it from getting bored. Think about the days when you had absolutely nothing to do – it doesn’t really feel that great, does it? Develop hobbies and start doing things that are interesting to you, it could be playing something or reading or cooking or adventure sports! There is no dearth of options out there! Try out games and activities that require the use of your brain.

So, what do you want to do to keep a sharp mind?

It’s important to invest in yourself. Puzzles, Sudoku, word games all make your brain work. There are also a lot of brain-training games available that really keep you active. Find a way to put out your thoughts, it could be writing out your thoughts or something creative or putting your thoughts in the form of an art. The key is to keep yourself busy with a variety of things so that your brain never has the chance to get bored by repetitive monotonous work. A busy brain can easily pick up things and is usually a quick learner.

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