10 Fitness Tips: Habits All Beginners Must Avoid

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Before you start hitting the gym read these fitness tips to avoid common mistakes while working out. Many people put so much emphasis on making huge gains immediately that they end up frustrated and thus give up. This does not have to be the case and below are some of the common mistakes that beginners make which you should avoid if you need to meet your fitness goals.

1. Thinking More Exercise Is Better

When people pick up an activity at the gym, they always start looking for ways to do more almost immediately. Some change their goals while others want to do more cardio, more movements or more sets. As a newbie, doing more is never the best option. While your body will try to adapt to any stimulus, forcing it to adapt too quickly can cause injuries and stagnation in your exercises. Quality always has precedence over quantity.

2. Doing More Cardio Results in More Fat Loss

Weight loss and fat loss are the main reasons that drive people to the gym. This results in them focusing on it single handedly and will always use cardio machines. Instead of that, go with low and moderate intensity cardio workouts that also help you burn fat. Remember, your body gets better at burning fat as you get used to it, but you also need strength training.

3. Giving Up Too Fast

The moment you start working out, your body will definitely have problems adjusting. In most cases, it takes between 2-3 months for it to stop fighting and start embracing the exercises. It is this resistance that makes people give up after 4 to 6 weeks. Therefore, you need to be aware of the resistance so that you can be more stubborn to keep going on. With a little patience, you will thrive on the exercises that seemed too hard a few months back.

4. Always Watching the Scale

It is common to see beginners jump to the scale after a few hours of exercise or multiple times a week. Unfortunately, this is never the right way to go. In most cases, you may not have lost weight after hitting the gym for a few weeks, and thus, what you will see on the scale will discourage you. The scale is not usually the best way to tell progress and instead use other measurements of improvement like the way your clothes fit and overall energy levels. If you feel you are doing well, then do not let the scale get to you.

5. Wanting to Lift Too Much Too Soon

While what you weigh is probably what sent you to the gym, what you can lift is not very crucial when you are just starting out. Even though someone next to you may be moving more plates that you can count, do not be discouraged by your almost empty bar. The moment you try the same thing, you will simply be inviting injuries. Always start safe and lighten up a load if you cannot handle it. Instead of focusing on what you can lift, try variations and repetitions that are more useful.

6. Changing Your Diet Drastically

Adjusting your diet needs to be done in healthy steps. You cannot decide one day to do away with everything that you have been eating just because you want to eat healthy foods. Avoid that by eliminating your worst nutrition vices first and only move onto something else after your body has adjusted to the first change. By changing your diet gradually, you will make better food choices and also enjoy your new diet changes.

7. Gambling with Workout Equipment

You should never guess how to use the equipment because you will either get hurt or look like an idiot at the gym. Always ask for help because there are people willing to assist. Trainers, fellow gym users and knowledgeable acquaintances can be the perfect training buddies that will show you how to use the different equipment. Remember, if you do not know, ask.

8. Advanced Routines

As a beginner, start with baby steps. Do not be deceived into thinking that the advanced routines that you see in movies and magazines are better than the simple ones. Such routines only lead to injury and burnout. Instead, start with fundamentals and focus on learning and your safety. If you want variety, let someone knowledgeable help you out.

9. Expecting Supplements to Do Everything

There are various supplements in the market that claim to help you burn fats within days. Unfortunately, it is what you do in the gym that will help with your fitness goals. As you start, stick with proteins and healthy foods. If you want to use supplements at this stage, then multivitamins should be the ones for you.

10.Coming up With Big Goals

While goals can keep you focused, they need to be realistic. Do not come up with a target that will either push you too much or disappoint you. The trick when coming up with these goals is to ensure that they are consistent. You can have a 12-week fitness program for a start and see it to completion then graduate to something a little more demanding as you get used to working out.

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