Fitness Motivation: 10 Tips to Help You Hit the Gym

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Exercising is not always easy even when it’s become a habit. For some, it takes true dedication to be able to get up and head for the gym despite of urges not to. The key to staying motivated to work out is to set one’s self up for success. There are many ways to do this, and different practices may work for some and not others. Take what combination works for you and stick with it. Here are 10 easy to follow motivational tips to help you get to the gym.

1. Start a motivational board.

Keep yourself focused by setting your goal and reminding yourself of it constantly. Clip pictures of your desired and attainable body types, and put them up on a display board against a wall across from your bed or atop your desk. You can also scatter little reminders throughout your house, perhaps a picture on the fridge or on the bathroom mirror. Reminding yourself of where you want to be is a good place to ignite your motivation.

2. Have a schedule.

Whether you want to be strict with your set schedule or be more personally lenient about it, it’s important to just have one. It’s like having a rubric to success. Writing out a workout plan prepares you mentally for what’s to come, so if you dread working out your arms, at least you know when it’s coming. Also, having a plan allows you to be more creative with your workout routines.

3. Set personal micro challenges.

Micro challenges can vary from lifting a set amount of weights to running a specific amount of distance. There are so many different types of challenges you can pose against yourself to achieve and conquer. Finishing little goals will produce a great sense of accomplishment, and with this feeling comes more motivation and more push to keep on going. Just make sure that the micro challenges are attainable given a specific amount of time, so you’re not dragging on with one challenge and feeling more defeated than motivated.

4. Choose exercises that you love.

There are so many exercise options out there nowadays; it truly is backwards to keep on doing something you don’t like. If you’re not much of a runner, try a different cardio workout instead. If you hate working out your abs, try strengthening your core through yoga first. There’s no reason to suffer while exercising. Exercise should be an activity that you love to do, and if you don’t already, it should be something you can learn to love. Group of sportive people in a gym taking selfie – Happy sporty friends in a weight room while training – Concepts about lifestyle and sport in a fitness club

5. Start a competition.

Having a workout buddy or working out in a group definitely has its inspirational perks. However, taking it a notch further and turning your workouts into a competition internally sparks something else entirely. Competition naturally brings out the best performance out of most people. It can be as straightforward as a simple weight loss competition or something more involved as competing for a marathon. You can even make things interesting by putting your money where your mouth is. After all, nothing is more motivational than proving someone wrong or making money.

6. Be publicly accountable.

Not everyone may be up to putting something so personal out for everyone to witness. But getting even a small amount of people involved in your exercise journey puts a bit of positive pressure on you to stick with your plans and perform better altogether. Social media makes this as easy as possible, and you might be surprised to realize how much the online community can actually motivate you and inspire you to keep on going.

7. Use the scale to your benefit.

If you’re the type who constantly looks at the scale, make it count by keeping track of your progress each time you glance at it. If you’re the type who doesn’t like to look at the scale, set a scheduled time to actually do it. Regardless of how you like to measure your success, be it with the scale or the way your clothes fit, be aware of the changes your body goes through with exercise. Revel in the inches you’ve lost and be encouraged by those you’ve gained. Measure your little successes with pride and allow them to propel you forward.

8. Reward yourself accordingly.

Little rewards go a long way, and they can help you better develop your exercise habits. If you’ve wanted to get a new pair of running shoes, maybe hold off on buying them until you can manage to do 5 miles nonstop. At the same time, if you ever feel that you’ve worked hard enough to deserve a prize, then give yourself one. A little deprivation can result to desperation. If you are desperate to lose 5 pounds, you will get there faster. However, too much deprivation can also be detrimental, so be careful and reward yourself as you see fit.

9. Talk yourself through it.

Always remind yourself why you started exercising in the first place. Is it for better health? A better body, perhaps? Regardless of the reason, exercising is generally good. Tell yourself that you’ll probably regret it if you skip a workout day. Coach yourself that everything you’re doing is for your own good. Be your own motivator.

10. Hire a pro.

If all else fails, get a professional to motivate you. Hiring a professional trainer has many benefits. A trainer can set out a personal workout plan for you and can also be the push you need at times. As long as you’re willing to fork out payments, trainers can be the sure way to go. Why wouldn’t you spend the money on yourself anyway? If you’d rather not spend the money on a pro, then you should pay yourself every time you hit the gym. It’s a win-win situation either way.

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