Why Your Detox Is Crap

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Nowadays, detox diets and cleanse drinks have gained so much popularity amongst people. I believe that I am not wrong when I say that detoxing and cleansing has become the ‘in thing’ amongst people seeking to become more youthful. However, here is some disappointing news about all this fuss, it does not work. This works only if you are seeking to become skinny.

Apparently, cleanse drinks and detox diets are meant to clean the body of impurities and help in boosting health. So many people fuss about detoxing because it is said to have benefits of preventing cancer, elimination of wastes, improvement of body immunity, increased energy and many other said benefits. This sounds very appealing because everyone is looking to getting rid of toxins from the body. Well, this does work for some people, though it works due to a different reason. Just like you have to shower every day to maintain hygiene, detoxing is just the same. To maintain the benefits, you will have to keep doing this regularly.

Sometimes detoxing might not be worth your efforts and the aftermath might be very detrimental. Detoxing lowers the body immunity and once the detox is over, the weight quickly comes back. This is because it essentially clears the signs of the problem without clearing the root of the problem. The fact that you already are toxic means that your body is not in a position to handle this added burden of detoxes. Detoxing will only stir up the toxins, which initially were just at a controlled degree in the cells, and get them released to the bloodstream all over a sudden. This will make cleaning up of the diet hard after this.

Certain detox may lead to individuals indulging in the use of laxatives causing to the damage of body cells. Some for example sugar detoxes could even lead to gaining weight. This is because, when on such a detox one is not allowed to consume any sugar and to satisfy cravings, one might consume food with a high calorie content hence gaining weight. This kind of detox can also lead to or enhance existing poor eating habits, making the entire process worthless.

A sudden increase in the intake of high fiber foods leads to accumulation of gas and may lead to diarrhea. These are the signs that make people think they are on a ‘cleanse’. Also, if your thyroid is not properly functioning, then detoxing is not a good idea. This will only release toxins to your system and will only worsen your condition.


The notion that consumption of green juice leads to a beautiful and glowing skin is a delight to everyone. These juices are claimed to come with so many sweet benefits. Truth is, green juices are just a glass of sugar water. You are paying all that money just to get a cold, organic drink that will only add sugar to your body. Do not get deceived; these drinks only purpose to suck money from your wallet.

What is this fuss of getting a colon cleanse through pumping pills into the anus? Do you know what? This does not help in any cleanse. Actually, you are just pumping excess water to your intestines and when you get diarrhea, you lie to yourself that you are detoxing. Stop lying to yourself. This comes with some complications such as bowel perforation, heart failure and parasites in the intestines.

Never think of detoxing if you are not ready to make some long-term changes. This is because this should be a regular process and in order to live a toxic free life, you should do this on a daily basis. Once you slip out from the detox, this can lead to a damaged mentality. Sugar detoxes are actually impractical and an attempt of the same will just be a waste of time. On the other hand, who said that sure is the cause of your added weight? Why not go for the better option? I believe in eating better diet, lots of water, fruits and vegetables, and avoid taking in all the junk – it does not work! Remember to exercise too. Although good diet and exercise might be a slow process, it is worth because it clears the root of the problem so it does not come back.

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