Reasons Not to Get a Tattoo: Worst Tattoos Ever

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Tattoos were a privilege that were earlier on exclusive to gang members or social outcasts who wanted to voice their displeasure at the system. As such, there was a major backlash and stigma on anybody that wanted to or already had a tattoo. Fast forward to now and the rules of the game have changed. Almost everybody desires to get a tat or they are about to get one; of course, driven by different reasons. Some have them as a memorial to someone or something special, others ink themselves their favorite quote or various signs.

Inasmuch as it may seem trendy to get branded, there are various reasons not to get inked, ranging from health reasons to a life of regret. Here are some of the reasons not to get a tattoo:


1. Quality means expensive

Getting a quality tattoo means you’ll have to dole out a large amount of money to cover it. Obviously with a considerably small amount of money (20 dollars and above), you can get a basic image. However, the amount you spend on the tattoo will determine the quality of the work you’ll recieve. For a small price, you’ll get a cheap tattoo while with a thousand dollars you’ll get a breathtaking 3-D full sleeve. As such, if you are sure that you won’t regret having gotten an expensive tattoo, go ahead and get one.


2. You might regret later on

This is something that all parents tell their kids who are planning on getting a tattoo. However, statistics also back this fact. Statistics show that in the past 10 years, the tattoo removal industry has recorded profits shooting through the roof by up to 440% to a record high of $1 billion in the US only. As such, if you want to have a decoration, but you are not so sure whether you want to keep it for long, you are better off sticking to temporary ink.


3. It may interfere with medical diagnosis

Chances are that you may contract an illness which has one of its symptoms as the discoloration or distortion of the parts of your skin. On looking at the condition of your skin, the doctor would have an idea of the treatment to administer. But with your skin being covered with tattoos, this might not be possible. As such, the doctor may be forced to administer a series of tests just to be sure; something that they may not have to do if one did not have the tattoos in the first place.


4. You’re pregnant

Tattooing poses a health risk to pregnant women together with their unborn babies. The process of getting a tattoo is a stressful one and as we all know, stress is detrimental to a pregnant woman. In addition, some scientists believe that some of the chemicals in the ink may be passed to the unborn child and pose a health risk to the baby if the pregnant woman gets an infection.


5. You have a serious health condition

Since tattoos are to stay on your skin for the rest of your life, having healthy skin is a must-have if you are planning on getting inked. For that reason, having a serious skin condition may be a reason not to get a tattoo. If you are not sure whether your skin is healthy enough for one, seek medical advice from a dermatologist and they will tell you whether your skin is healthy enough to support a tattoo.


In addition to all this, tattoo bearers still face discrimination, especially at workplaces, where they may fail to secure a job simply because they have visable ink. Getting a tattoo is a major decision that will affect the rest of your life. There are many great reasons to get a tattoo, but make sure that you are careful when making such a substantial life decision.

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