Top 5 Ski Resorts Across the World

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Most of us travel in the summer time for our R&R, but that can sometimes have its drawbacks. Too crowded, too hot, too many bugs or maybe we are just too busy in the heart of the summer work season to enjoy a proper hiatus. If this sounds like you, maybe you should consider taking a Winter Vacation, Whether you ski, snowboard, or just want to relax, check out these amazing ski resorts.

I have listed below 5 amazing ski resort destinations from across the world. These destinations are suitable for beginners and experts alike. They are also suitable to bring along that special someone who does not enjoy the outdoors. These resorts have a little bit of something for everyone.

1. Jackson Hole, WY Resort

This ski resort is a favorite spot of those who tired of the more frequented places on the Rocky Mountains. There is skiing and snowboarding available for beginners to experts to everybody in between. For those that want adventure but neither of those is their thing, there is also an extensive climbing wall and bungee. Finally, there is also a bike park. There is also very scenic dining at 9000′ located at the Piste Mountain Bistro. You get there via a ride on the Bridger Gondola.

2. Alta, UT Resort

This destination is a good stateside spot for those who are looking for a place that has less traffic at it. There are ski lessons for children, adults and everything in between. There is also snowcat skiing. Further, if you are looking for a backcountry adventure instead of just regular skiing; this is an awesome option for you. There are fantastic options for helicopter skiing and skiing at six resorts in one day here.

3. Nevados de Chilean, Chile

If you wish to go a little further from home, consider this one. There’s skiing and snowboarding. There is also a special snow camp for ladies that are learning how to ski. It is a two-day event in September that is held annually. They have backcountry options for those that are interested in that. It should also be noted that there is a spa and water park here. That means that even if you are the only skier in the family, your spouse and/or children should still be able to find something to do.

4. Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, which is located in the Alps, is an excellent resort for skiing, hiking and climbing. For those that would be interested, it is very close to the Matterhorn (which on side note is far scarier than it looks going the normal route from Zermatt). That remark is assuming you are experienced in the mountains though–while it’s not Everest or K2 it is not a walk up such as Kilimanjaro or Elbrus. In any event, it is quite scenic and beautiful up there. If you want a break from skiing and/or climbing, there is plenty of culture and history nearby to be explored as well.

5. Gulmarg Ski Resort, India

The Himalayans are a lifelong dream for many climbers. Obviously where one would want to climb and where they would want to ski are different here. That said, the area of the Himalayans offers its own culture and uniqueness that deserves to be explored. They offer packages with a guide (even the most experienced should have a guide up here). They offer the western guide which is specifically designed for people that have only been in America previously. This can be highly useful regarding both cultural and altitude issues alike.


In conclusion, those are some of the best ski resorts that the world has to offer. As to what is absolutely better…that is subjective to a large extent.  Further it would be absurd for me to sit here and try to tell you whether Switzerland or India is better. They are both awesome in their own right; just have very different things to offer.

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