Self improvement: How to Add to Your Life by Taking Away

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Many people have a difficult time with self-improvement. They tend to carry around a huge amount of baggage. For other people, the main barriers to self-improvement are the things that they’re doing now. They’re keeping themselves in perpetual spirals that never seem to go away. Largely because they keep on perpetuating them. Sometimes, people will improve their lives by adding to them. In many cases, people will improve their lives by getting rid of everything that they don’t need.


1. Ask yourself what you don’t want to be, not just what you want to be.

Far too many people focus on their goals that they want to achieve. Many people fail to realize that they might be embodying some characteristics that are holding them back. People can earn A’s, but if they’re also getting D’s, they’re still not going to average out into great students. For these people, it makes much more sense to try to eliminate the D’s. For many people in the real world, doing the equivalent can make all the difference in terms of whether or not they ultimately succeed in life.

2. Getting rid of the good things that aren’t great things can help just as much as getting rid of the bad things.

To return to the grade analogy, people who get A’s and B’s are both getting good grades. The people who focus on eliminating the B’s are going to get much better grade point averages overall. This should be their goal under these circumstances. As such, it is that much more important to focus on this side of the equation. People who don’t do this are going to have something of a ‘good enough’ approach. Their overall lives are never going to be anything other than ‘good enough.’ It is important for people to remember that eliminating the proverbial bad grades and eliminating the grades that are good but not great are both still important.

3. Avoiding making mistakes is often more important than trying to pursue important goals.

For a lot of people, it is the mistakes that make all the difference in the world. Not the relatively minor successes that many of them are going to achieve or not achieve. The people who are successful but also make a lot of mistakes are certainly going to lead the sort of very interesting lives that will be very entertaining for a lot of other people to watch. However, these are usually not the sorts of lives that people are going to actively enjoy living, since they are going to be pulled in several directions all at once seemingly by the cruel hands of fate.

Fortunately, there is no such thing as fate in the real world. The people who believe that this are not thinking it through completely. In fact, they have a great deal of control over their own destiny. To the point where there really is no such thing as destiny. They will be able to stop bad things from happening to them by making sure that they focus on eliminating mistakes rather than just trying to keep their eyes on the best of goals.

To return to the grade analogy, missing just a few answers on a test can lead to a bad result, even if the answers overall were right. Those people should try to make sure that the mistakes didn’t happen. Only a few mistakes can cancel out a lifetime of conscientious action on the part of a hardworking person.


We can’t just be positive when we are trying to pursue our most important goals. We should all maintain a positive attitude at all times. In many cases, we should try to simplify our lives as much as possible in order to really win the kinds of lifestyles that we really want. In many cases, we will have bad habits, bad relationships, bad hobbies, and bad ways of living that are holding us back even when we are smart, hardworking, or otherwise just the sort of people who should be very successful. When we take a good, long look at ourselves and realize what has happened, we can finally begin to make the right decisions to achieve the level of success that we want.

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