Self Confidence, The Ultimate Makeover

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how to be cool with self confidence

So many men think that looks are all physical. Sure, ripped guys with serious abs, muscles, and height are conventionally attractive and tend to grab the attention of women. Now, picture a man with an athletic build and good looks who walks around with his shoulders slumped, eyes cast downward, and who doesn’t look people in the eye when he speaks. Such a man won’t look nearly as confident as a guy that’s overweight but who walks tall, speaks with authority, and looks like he takes pride in who he is. That confidence is the difference between having a positive appearance and a negative appearance. Even when your physical looks fade, your image can be boosted by the way that you’re presenting yourself to the world.

If you remember nothing else, keep this in mind: it doesn’t all come down to physical features and stats. You absolutely can improve the way you look, from the boardroom to the bedroom, by changing the way you package and think about yourself. Here are a few ways to grab some confidence and dramatically affect what others — especially women — think about your appearance.


1. Posture really does matter.

When guys sit up straight, their bodies look more defined. Even heavier men benefit from having a good posture because it lengthens the torso and gives a leaner look. More importantly, sitting up straight and tall with your shoulders rolled back signals that you have confidence and should be taken seriously. Those who have good posture sitting down tend to also have good posture while they’re standing, which is a bonus. Having trouble keeping good posture? Start doing more core exercises such as planks, rollouts with a stability ball or ab wheel, and single arm carries with a dumbbell or kettlebell.


2. Pay attention to your hair and facial hair.

No, you don’t have to cut it all off or always be cleanly shaven. Pick a way to groom your hair and facial hair that matches your face shape and emphasizes your best features. Women often choose hairstyles that complement the shapes of their faces, and it’s no different for guys. The right look will lend you more confidence in an instant. It can help by minimize a high forehead or give you a more defined jaw line.


3. Size matters

But not in the way that you’re thinking. When it comes to your wardrobe, ditch the ill-fitting clothes in your closet. Don’t be one of those men who thinks that putting on something expensive will automatically improve your appearance. Wear all the designer labels that you want to, but if the cut and fit are wrong you’ll look bad and the pricey duds won’t do much for your confidence.


4. Accept it and move on.

This will sound so cliché, but it’s true. There aren’t buckets of money sitting around to fix every physical thing about yourself that you think needs work. Just work on accepting your flaws. If you’re walking around constantly worried about what’s not “right” about yourself, that’s a real confidence breaker. 9 times out of 10 it, will show to the rest of the world in the way that you carry yourself.

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