10 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

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time to make resolutions again

When the New Year comes, people make all sorts of stereotypical resolutions. While some try to keep theirs, many give up on the resolutions a few months into the year. This should not always be the case and below are 10 New Year’s resolutions that are totally doable.

hosting a dinner party
Good friends Good food Good times

1. Host a Dinner Party

One of the greatest ways to build relationships while enjoying yourselves is by hosting a dinner party. When people say, they should do such parties more after coming from one, they actually mean it and that is why you should also do it. It does not matter whether you have done it before or not. Simply choose the right foods, wine, music, then do not forget to curate the visitors’ list. If you get stuck, your mom can also be the source of incredible ideas because she has probably hosted a number of those.

achieving personal goals
Long lost friends

2. Get in Touch with a Long-Lost Friend

It is natural for people to come in and out of each other’s lives. However, it is also common to push people out of our lives because we are angry with them, and that is what makes friendships complicated. You probably have that friend you used to be very close but have drifted apart after some incidence. Therefore, make it your resolution this year to talk to him or her. In fact, this can be as simple as sending a text or making a call. Even if it does not go well, at least, you tried.

breaking bad habits
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3. Make Amends

You most likely made a mistake last year that you are really not proud of. Regardless of what you did, apologize this year. Even if it is something you may not have told them, go ahead this year and say sorry. Saying sorry will relieve you and probably strengthen your bond as friends as long as the apology is from the heart.

personal development through reading
Man improving his mind

4. Read Some Books

There are those books you have always wished you could read but maybe did not have the time to do so. This is the year when you can make that happen. Think of three books you have always fancied and give yourself the next 12 months to be done. If you do not have those books, visit your nearest bookshop, they probably do not cost much. Some of the common classics can also be found freely as eBooks.

personal development with friends
Hangover road trip

5. Take a Weekend Road Trip

A weekend road trip is fun and can be quite useful in breaking the monotony of sitting at your desk for the whole week. Therefore, this year you can plan to take at least three road trips. They do not have to be expensive. There are numerous $100 a night hotels where you can spend the night as you enjoy your weekend on the road and if you can squeeze in a buddy, well and good.

setting a goal to make her happy
Man doing something special for his girl

6. Surprise Your Girlfriend with Something She Wanted

Spontaneity and surprises are some of the little things that make relationships fun and enjoyable. Even though you may have to compromise a number of things, plan that activity that she has always wanted to do and, of course, do it with her. You will get even more relationship bonus point if it is something you had resisted for a long time.

forming good habits through helping others
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7. Donate to a Cause You Care About

This is the time to put that cause that you believe in some attention. Whether it is time, money or goods that you wanted to offer but did not have the time for that, this s the year when you can make it happen. You can just go with an activity that you are passionate about. For example, if you love animals, then volunteer at the local shelter or donate some money to them.

teaching animals good habits
Man training his dog

8. Train Your Pet

Many people think that their dogs jumping on visitors are a sign that they are happy. Unfortunately, most guests do not enjoy that, and this is the reason you need to make a meaningful effort towards getting someone to train the pet. Note that getting these trainers is a necessity and should not be seen as a failed effort at managing the animal.

self improvement through knowledge
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9. Look for a Class

There are numerous casual enrichment classes and programs offered in community centers and colleges. This New Year, you can make a resolution to learn something new given that these classes are readily available. Some of them are so easy they can be taken in one session.

set a goal to learn a language
Can you read this? I can!

10. Learn another Language

Self-improvement comes in many forms and developing a passable skill in another language is one sure way of achieving that. Thanks to technology, this is easier than before, and you do not have to commit a lot of your time to it, just a couple for hours a week is enough.


Many a times people make resolutions to address the mistakes they made the previous year or the unhealthy habits that they wish to eliminate. This year, try something different and pick some if not all of these items are strive to accomplish them within the next 12 months.

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