The Only 5 Pairs of Mens Shoes You’ll Ever Need

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Real men love their shoes. They may not brag about the fact that they share an obsession with shoes; however, the passion is still there. Every person has strong and unyielding opinions on different brands, styles, and types, along with the point that it does matter what type of shoe is needed to get the job done. We all, however, know the type of shoes that every man needs.

Gucci Loafer


1. Loafers

A good and solid pair of loafers are a pair of shoes that every single man needs. They are best for an office jockey who is required to look professional so HR doesn’t stay on his back. Some come with fancy buckles and others come with dangling tassels, and some of them are made out of just plain leather. These are perfect for making the workday easy and comfortable being able to slip them onto their feet quickly.

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2. Work Boots

Work boots are what every man should keep in their closet. When doing any kind of outside or heavy lifting work either as a career or just outside of your home, a good pair of work boots is very beneficial. These will help to maintain proper traction, toe protection, and ankle stability. A man can get these boots dirty, rough them up, whatever it takes to get the job done without having to worry about these shoes taking that kind of treatment or beating. The traction control helps him from slipping and causing injury to himself. Even if they are only used now and again, or used often every man needs to keep at least a classic pair of work boots on hand.

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3. Dress Shoes

Another definite pair of shoes that any man should wear are a pair of dress shoes. Even though men do it a lot, they are not always going to be outside getting dirty and playing in mud. Therefore, on those cold winter months when a gentleman decides to go out for an evening, he can grab is warm and sophisticated dress boots or dress shoes because men’s shoes are high in fashion in today’s society. He should always remember to treat them delicately because most of men’s dress shoes are made out of special leathers.

Nike Kobe High Dive


4. Gym Sneakers

Gym sneakers are always a given when a man is looking to find a good pair of shoe to exercise or workout in. These shoes men are able to sweat in and they can take the beating and heavy exercise that a man does on a day-to-day basis. However, keep in mind that it is prudent to keep these shoes clean and fresh as often as possible, so that they can be used for a longer period of time.

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5. Casual Sneakers

A comfortable and sensible pair of shoes that a man needs to keep in his closet is casual street sneakers. These types of shoes are the Toyota Camry’s and the Ford Taurus’ of shoes. This means that they are reliable, comfortable, and sturdy casual sneakers that a man can keep for his day-to-day use and activities, like simple things such as going to the store for shopping, or having to get his oil changed. They are also good for mild outdoor play with his children or pets in case they get roughed up a bit, but not too badly so that they are good for wear for a long period of time. They are built for a man’s comfort, not for his speed. These types of shoes last for years just because he can’t find another pair like them because they have their own unique personality to them.

In conclusion, whether doing yard work or going on a first date with someone, if a man has all of these types of shoes in his closet he won’t have to worry about having to quickly run out and buy a pair of shoes. Therefore, this list of the perfect shoes every man should own, should help be a guide for any man to be able to go out and shop for seeing that it is a perfect list of every type of shoe that any man will be proud to own.

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