10 of The Manliest Drinks of All Time

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The holiday season is a time to have fun with the boys and also enjoy some quality family time. As a real man, you know that there are drinks that should not even come close to you as you do that. Even as you wind up the holidays and start a new year, below are manliest drinks of all time that you should always strive to have.

strong drink
Drop and Drink

1. Boilermaker

Beer and whiskey are two of the most common manliest drinks around. A shot of whiskey combined with a pint of dark stout is more than enough for any man out there. What is even more fascinating is that once you have prepared this concoction, you need to finish it as soon as possible.

mixed drinks for men
Hot hot hot hot hot hot

2. Spicy Sandstorm

Spicy sandstorm is considered manly because of the Tabasco sauce flavor that it contains. This testosterone boosting drink is prepared by mixing an ounce of scotch and gin, a splash of Tabasco and a few pinches of ground pepper. Looking at these ingredients, this is not something someone who is not a real man can stomach. Therefore, if you can gulp it down without throwing up, then you are fit to hang out with lumberjacks.

strong mixed drinks
A wild ride

3. Four Horsemen

This is the classic manly shot. The four horsemen is prepared from four equal parts of tequila, Rumple Minze, Bacardi 151, and Jägermeister. These four ingredients give it the taste of a teacup filled with rubbing alcohol. If you have a bunch of friends you want to show what real men take, then this one will do the trick.

strong drinks
Mmmmm… Tastes like death!

4. Moonshine Drinks

This list cannot be complete without moonshine. It may be illegal in the US because of the low production standards, but this is one of the most dangerous liquors in the world. In the past, it has been made by using car radiators to distil it, hence the presence of antifreeze in it. This also meant that the final product had lead in it. If you want to show people that you are a man, and stupid at the same time, look no further.

manliest drinks
It’s the end of the world as we know it!

5. End of History Beer

Ever heard of a beer with 55% alcohol by volume? BrewDog gave us this cool beer. Forget about the alcohol content. It is the packaging that speaks to real men. Each bottle has an ounce-living squirrel, weasel or rabbit. Its rugged nature sets it apart from any sissy beers available in the market.

gross cocktail recipes
It goes down so…

6. The Prairie Oyster

Can you guzzle down raw eggs? The Prairie Oyster is a muscular drink that is made by combining 1.5 ounces of bourbon, a splash of Tabasco, and a raw egg. If you can take this down your throat without wincing too much, then you are the man.

manly mixed drinks
A hearty drink

7. Liquid Steak

Do not be deceived by steak in the name, to think that this is a huge chunk of meat that is probably molten. At least there is some relation to the manly steak of beef because these drinks are the steak of alcohol. Made from 1.5 ounces of Bacardi 151, and a splash of Worcestershire sauce, you have to be strong enough to order it.

manly mixed drinks
Quick and dirty

8. New Jersey Turnpike

When you made a bet, and lost it, this was the drink that you would be offered. Its preparation is absurd and only meant for those whose testosterone is full blown. The server normally rings out a mat picked from the floor into a shot glass and drips from a nearby bar rag added to the glass. New Jersey Turnpike is more like moonshine and can only be taken by those who are bold enough to try it out.

manliest drinks
Is there an antidote?

9. Snake Wine

In Asia, men drink something whose distillation process has a snake carcass in it. While it is believed to increase virility, you really need to have a lot of testosterone flowing inside you to try out such a drink. This wine is packed in a bottle with an entombed venomous snake to show you just what is inside.

manly cocktails

10. Enpinyo and Cow’s Blood

The Maasai, an indigenous tribe in Africa, are responsible for these badass drinks. They are known to sip diluted liquor known as Enpinyo then follow it up with pure cow’s blood. This is the ultimate chaser, and they swear it works wonders for a hangover.

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