Good Habits Your Child-Self Had That You Should Keep Doing

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looking back on good habits from childhood

Young boys are rude, rowdy, and lack boundaries. They fight with sticks, ask obnoxious nonstop questions, and stick their snooping noses into everyone’s business. But hey, that’s the charm of childhood, right? Children may exhibit plenty of behaviors considered socially uncouth, but they also carry many amazing habits that are unlearned as adults. Looking back on childhood, you’ll notice things you should have never stopped doing. Read on to see what hidden gems have been left behind in your youth.


1. Calling It as You See It

“Kids Say the Darndest Things” exists for a reason. Many a mother have nearly withered away in sheer embarrassment when their son points out how fat the obese person two feet away from them is. Okay, so a good filter will help avoid awkward scenarios.

However, as adults, we sometimes lose the brashness we once had to call a spade a spade. For example, if your friend struggles with addiction, you’d only be doing him a disservice by abstaining from confrontation. Sometimes the well-being of others depends on our ability to speak up regardless of etiquette.


2. Talking to Strangers

Schools run massive assemblies on ‘stranger danger’, yet that doesn’t stop Billy from chatting it up with the sketchy clown selling cigarettes. Where do these kids find the audacity? One theory is curiosity. Boys are curious about their immediate environments and the people in them. So naturally they’ll inquire about your tacky velvet vest or why your shopping cart is stacked with ramen.

Approaching strangers for small talk freaks most adults out, but the truth is, the average person is more receptive than you’d guess. Just make sure to keep it brief and respectful. Also, please refrain from spilling the family secrets.


3. Picking on Girls

Oh man, classrooms just wouldn’t be the same without incessant complaints of boys pulling mischief on girls they like. Billy putting bugs in Sally’s hair, or Jerome pelting Jenny with snowballs from his makeshift igloo is a scenario which plays out worldwide. After enough scolding, we begin to believe that women are fragile butterflies who only fall in love with gentle souls.

This is misleading though, as women love to be teased. In fact, playfully picking on girls is a central component of flirting. Maintain a degree of civility and responsibility though. Kids can get away with a lot of mischief that your adult-self can’t.


4. Tinkering with Everything

Boys can’t help but fiddle with and survey any gadgets or gizmos in sight. They may fidget in the classroom, but recruit their help with car maintenance and suddenly learning is fun. This habit never fades for many kids whereby they grow to be engineers, tech professionals, mechanics, and builders.

For others, there exists a sad complacency in consumerist tendencies. We operate computers, base societies around motorize transport, and thrive on the electric grid, yet fewer men than ever before care to know the mechanics behind it all. Mustering the curious child within isn’t a romantic musing, it’s the catalyst toward greater knowledge of the technology we work with day by day.


5. Finding the Most Bizarre Ways to Have Fun

Children are sugar-glazed, cartoonish maniacs for fun. They’ll create a wholly original game to play out of literally anything they see. Think back to visceral summer days of unlimited possibilities. One day it you squared off with your buddy in backyard inner tube sumo duels, the next was pogo stick baseball.


As adults on the prowl for good times, we fall prey to convention with consistent happy hours or clubbing escapades. So be that one guy with zany ideas. Take your friends off-guard with hilariously childlike antics. Be spontaneous, unpredictable. Who knows, you may find that adulthood is much less boring than it’s sold to be.

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