10 Excuses You Need to Stop Making Immediately

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no excuses just do it

We often make excuses that hinder us from achieving greatness and reaching our goals in life. Excuses always lead to failure and frustration. Although there may be many opportunities around us, we always engage in self-destructive behavior of postponing tasks and leaving them to pile up so that we can’t manage them anymore or simply not do anything about it.

Excuses are our scapegoats that we use to explain our failures and once we stop this addictive behavior of finding excuses and completely engross ourselves in the opportunities available, we are sure to achieve greatness and purposeful achievement. Some of the most common excuses normally used that we need to avoid like plague to become successful are:

1. I will get to it later

This is normally postponing tasks at hand by encouraging yourself that you will always attend to it some other time each and every time you think about it. The result is that you may run out of time to do the particular task and once you start to tackle it, the time available might be very limited making you do a piece of shoddy work that you are not proud of because of your great potential for the job. Moreover, you may continue postponing till you can’t do the task any longer. This is one of the greatest enemies to your success and it’s an excuse to stop immediately.

2. I do not have time right now

Letting go of opportunities is a terrible mistake. Be flexible to easily adjust to your schedule once a golden opportunity presents itself as it might never come again in your lifetime. No one is ever too busy to create time for a very important task that they enjoy. You have all the time to do what you have to do.

3. Someone else will do it

Laziness is always the road to failure. Leaving tasks pending or job not done for someone else who is not available to do it is an excuse that will leave you going down the drain. If you can do it, then do it as you are very much capable as the person you think can do it better.

4. I can’t

Just remove that from your vocabulary now. If you believe that is true, then you have already lost. Always consider the possibility that there is a way.

5. It’s not my fault

Accepting your faults and taking responsibility for your poor decisions is a step to achieving greatness. Playing the blame game and pointing fingers makes us not learn and we may end up doing the same mistake all over again therefore not progressing in life.

6. It’s too hard

Everyone is endowed with great potential and skills and what really differentiates the achievers and failure is the hard work they put into a job. Underestimating your skills is a self-destructive behavior that should be stopped to be what you were purposed to be in life.

7. Now is not the right time

This phrase will make you never have the time to do what you have been postponing all your life. Rise up from your cocoon, take the necessary resources you need if available and start now. Besides time is valuable and can never be recovered.

8. I have no luck

Life is 50 percent luck. The other half is determined by your hard work and self-discipline. It is futile to wait for a luck to come ‘round, which might never happen, so get out and make things happen because your future is in your hands. Real luck is found where preparation meets opportunity.

9. I’m too scared

The future is for the bold and the strong. Be aggressive and never let fear prevent you from trying out new things as you never know where you luck and greatness will spring out from. Just try till you get to where you want to get without any fear as it withholds you from reaching your best.

10. I’m comfortable where I am; there is no reason to try anything else

Being in a comfort zone prevents you from elevating to the ladder of success. Always be ambitious to get even more and desire to try out things differently from the usual as life has its own surprises. Successful people are always on the move to try out new opportunities and things that have not been done before.


Want to make a difference in your life? Then stop the excuses and just do it! Besides, you have nothing to lose besides get more experience and achieve greatness. Make the bold step now and just do it once and for all.

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