5 Activities to Get You That Summer Adrenaline Rush

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Summer weather brings with it a gushing burst of high-wire expressions. Extra daylight hours mean a barrage of crazy summer enthusiasts going wild from dawn ‘til dusk and then some. So, don’t sell yourself short of excitement this summer. Read this list, fill your dome with fantasies of adrenaline pumping escapades, and get outdoors to live it all out! Your ultimate adrenaline rush awaits.


1. Mountain Biking

We all remember that mystic summer feeling we got when racing our friends down the steepest hill in town. Bring the nostalgia back, only this time on the circuits. Many national and state parks offer winding bike trails that swim across and down slopes, with white-knuckle turns and ramps to jump creeks with. Just make sure to gear up and adjust to each course first; getting your kicks off isn’t worth barreling max velocity into a red pine.


2. Tombstoning

Belly flops aren’t welcome here. No seriously, tombstoning—cliff diving without equipment—is flat-out dangerous if you can’t swing a pencil dive finish. But with a dab of common sense and competence, a day out jumping bluffs into shimmering swathes of blue can stick with you for years. Many regional parks have spots for tombstoning. For your safety, stick to verified safe spots with deep water.


3. Climbing

Kids constantly engage their inner spider monkey and scramble up everything. Why stop? Choose your poison. Indoor gyms teach fundamentals in a safely padded environment, but since its summer you’ll want to take advantage of it. You can sign up to scale cliffs with safety lines and carbines, or simply scurry up the grandest oak your side of town. Urban climbing is a renegade niche for the most confident, and climbing rocky walls overhanging a body of water adds tombstoning into the mix.


4. Paintball

The prospect of being pelted with explosive orbs of paint should be poignant enough to keep your head under cover and your heart patting away ferociously. Paint ball is an intense group activity that’s perfect for taking your passive-aggressiveness out on your rivals. Jokes aside, large paint ball courses are available across the U.S. with all equipment up for rent. Consider cutting costs and buying your own gear should your trigger finger be itching for repeat rounds.


5. Wakeboarding

Fine-tune your grip on snowboarding by hitting the wakes instead. Wakeboarding demands more balance control than its winter counterpart though, since you’re being dragged behind a boat cruising at 20 plus mph. As each wave draws closer, time appears to stop while you adjust for impact. For those who yawn when hopping wakes, try your hand at wakeboarding resorts replete with massive box ramps for 20 feet of air!


What’s that? You’re still looking for kicks and thrills after reading this list from last week?! Oh boy, are you in luck! Summer is only halfway through and we here at Mancavin.com have fetched up five more activities to knock the socks off stubborn thrill seekers. So, hold onto your hats, because we’ve got some seriously bumpy rides lined up for you!


5 More Activities to Get Your Adrenaline Pumping This Summer!

6. Sky Diving

The classic go-to for epic experiences, and why not? You can brag of soaring through the air like Superman and not dying. For a one-off rush, the $100 or so for a tandem jump is more than worth it. But those looking to test out their air steez on repeat ventures will rake in the tightest bargains. Check it, once you get your skydiving license and fly solo each jump comes in around $20 a pop.


7. Kite Surfing

Thought flying kites was lame? Not so much when you’re grabbing 20 feet of air off a vicious gust. Unlike surfing, you don’t need waves. Although waves you’ll inevitably receive since winds of at least 20 mph are required for massive hangtime. Kite surfing with a wheeled board is also a thrilling, yet riskier option for the landlubbers among us.


8. Parkour

Short on funds for the above? Then try your hand(s), feet, and courage at parkour. A pair of sneakers and loose-fitting pants is all the investment necessary. You won’t be leaping roof gaps or flipping staircases anytime soon, but even basic techniques will challenge everything you believe yourself capable of. Soon enough, you’ll be making backyard fence hopping shortcuts through your neighborhood.


9. Downhill Longboarding

Rampaging down the steep streets has been enthralling teens since bicycles were invented. So why not ramp the gnar up a notch with long boarding? Of course, just learning to balance on a longboard is the cherry on the pie for the less daring. But if flat-line rides cause fits of boredom yawns, you best gear up—elbow and knee pads, helmet—and tackle those slopes. Be forewarned, this can be freaking dangerous, progress with caution.


10. Extreme Geocaching

Sure, milling about for hidden time capsules near the shallows of ye olde creek won’t escalate your heart rate much. But those geocaches hidden among slick craggy walkways behind waterfalls? The cache tucked away on the rocky spire atop the highest bluff? Yeah, that’s real adventure. A GPS device or geocaching app, bug spray, and hiking shoes make up the bare essentials. Embark on the whims of your trailblazing spirit, just remember a knick-knack to leave behind for others.

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