10 Reasons Why We Love Yoga Pants

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Ask any guy if he loves to see a girl in yoga pants and the answer is going to be yes. When you really stop to think about it, yoga pants on girls are pretty amazing. Yes, girls love them because they are comfortable, easy to put on, and versatile enough to wear almost anywhere, but guys love them for entirely different reasons. Sure, most of those reasons revolve around what they do to a girl’s appearance, but there’s more. Here’s a quick look at the top ten reasons men love yoga pants.

1. Yoga Pants give it a Nice Lift.

For some reason, yoga pants contain just the right combination of lycra and spandex to give a girl’s behind great support. The result is a perfectly looking back side, even if it doesn’t look like that any other time.


2. Supports the Perfect Shape

Somehow, they manage to give girls who are super skinny curves, while also having a slimming effect on girls who are carrying a little too much weight. Seriously, there is no other piece of clothing that has the ability to do this. How is it even possible to create curves on a girl who is flat as a board, while simultaneously creating a slimmer silhouette on a slightly bigger girl? It is an answer that we may never know the answer to.


3. They show off two of her most important assets:

Her legs and her behind. There’s really nothing further to say. Yoga pants leave very little to the imagination.


4. They can make a girl’s rear look great.

Honestly, they are pretty magical when you think about how great they can make a girl’s rear look great.This goes back to #2. Regardless of what a girl’s bum looks like, yoga pants are going to make them look that much better.


5. It can help most everyone.

They make second-rate rears look decent, decent behinds look gorgeous, and elevate gorgeous behind into the realms of legend. What more can you say? Just putting on a pair of yoga pants can elevate a girl’s rear to an entirely different level. What’s really great is when you find that girl who is elevated to legendary status.


6. Encourages physical activity.

For a minute, let’s stop thinking about the visual aspects of yoga pants. When girls wear them, they are just more willing to get out there and do something fun. Honestly, when a girl is wearing pants that are so tight she can hardly breathe, you can’t get her to do a whole lot. Depending on how tight they are, you might not even get her to sit down. However, when a girl pulls on a pair of yoga pants, she is just more likely to have fun, whether it’s taking part in a game of pickup basketball or watching a movie.


7. Improves attitude.

Girls who are wearing yoga pants tend to be more pleasant to be around. This probably goes back to the whole being able to breathe thing. When a girl is wearing something tight, she just tends to be irritated and snappy. Of course, when she is actually comfortable, her whole demeanor improves, which makes life more enjoyable for everyone.


8. Who needs modesty.

Think about it this way. It’s almost like you get to see it all, but you don’t get to see it all. Yoga pants are just tight enough (and sometimes see through enough) that you get a pretty good glimpse at what she is hiding underneath them, while still leaving a little something to the imagination. It is a win-win situation.


9. Easy Access.

Truth be told, yoga pants are very easy to get off. There’s no reason to beat around the bush. Yoga pants are just so easy to pull off when the time is right. Nothing kills the mood more than trying to yank off a pair of pants that it took her thirty minutes to get into.


10. Yoga pants are the stuff dreams are made of.

There is no better way to drift off to sleep than dreaming of a girl in a pair of yoga pants. Okay, maybe sleeping next to a girl would be better, but when that is not an option, at least a guy can dream.


Yoga pants, it is one thing that men and women can definitely agree on. Both genders love them!

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