10 Vintage Photos That Make Beauty Pageants Look Crazy

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Modern beauty pageants are weird, but back in the old days they were plain insane.

1. There’s a reason they have bags on their heads.

This pageant was all about legs so they thought this was a good idea to prevent the judges from getting distracted.

2. Miss Beautiful Ape Contest

Yes, it was a serious contest.

3. Miss Lovely Eyes contest in the 30’s

The mask is supposed to bring out their eyes.

4. Back in the day they didn’t stop the Miss Universe Pageant for anyone.

Someone should really help her.

5. Not only did the USA hold weird pageants.

A contestant changing in front of a creepy statue of Lenin.

6. A pageant where contestants are judged by their spine.

Good posture is important.

7. The Sausage Queen contest was only one of a wide range of food-related pageants.

It wasn’t even the only sausage-based one.

8. She is the National Catfish Queen of 1954.

To win you have to catch the fish yourself.

9. Radio Queen contest of 1939.

I don’t know who would tune is to this.

10. The Queen of outdoor health.

She might get hypothermia out in the snow.

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