10 Reasons Why We Love Snapchat

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Men have developed much interest in the use of Snapchat. This mobile app enables you to send and even receive self-destructive photos and videos. Despite its ephemeral nature, lots of people have expressed their satisfaction in the app as they continue to share many pictures and videos with their friends. Snapchat also helps to foster creativity and reinforce appearances. Interestingly, it has been revealed that most men love Snapchat as compared to their female counterparts. Here are the reasons.

1. Real and refreshing

Most men love Snapchat because they love reality. This is because what is displayed on Snapchat is actually what is happening out there. It does not involve editing of photos and videos to achieve perfection. It simply portrays reality of everyday life.

2. Entertaining

Men love Snapchat because of the excellent entertainment it provides. For instance, it includes artists demonstrating their impressive creative works, celebs talking about their recent achievements, musicians showing their album launches, people sharing photos of their funny pets and many more. This simply keeps men entertained as they enjoy everything about it.

3. Educational

Snapchat can also be used for education purposes; for instance, an engineer sharing a video on how to construct certain equipment, a doctor sending a video of how to treat a patient or administer first Aid. This knowledge is important for education purposes.

4. Excludes values

Some men do not fancy the idea of showing the number of likes and followers like what happens on many social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They would rather look for a platform that is devoid of such values. The best place is definitely Snapchat.

5. Inspiring

Men love inspiration. Through Snapchat, they are able to interact with the rich and famous. They can view photos of their magnificent houses, posh cars, great achievements and many others. This becomes their source of inspiration so that they can meet their goals in life.

6. Temporary

Snapchat is temporary because once you send your message, it disappears after 10 seconds from the time of sending. Therefore, in case you happened to send a disturbing message, it won’t haunt you. It will be gone. And this is exactly what men love about it. In addition, the content does not pile up to fill the memory of your device. This makes it an excellent choice. You will not have to worry about your memory space getting full.

7. Direct Communication

Snapchat enables men to send photos and videos directly to the intended person. It is different from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where the public views information posted. It is therefore the best option for sending sensitive or secret messages, for instance; a man sending a photo to his female lover.

8. Privacy options

With Snapchat’s privacy options, you can decide who will view your messages. This helps to prevent unintended people from gaining access to the videos and photos you send. In addition, it helps to ensure that only friends will be able to receive messages that you send and not just anybody. Furthermore, it helps to prevent people who like doing weird things from sending you unwanted content.

9. Business Promotion

Men love Snapchat because it offers a great platform to promote one’s business. For instance, if you are a fine artist, you can display your projects. This will attract people’s attention. Interested buyers will contact you. Your number of customers will also increase thus leading to business success.

10. Quick chatting

Men love to do things fast. When it comes to chatting, they will consider an app that is quick and effective as compared to one that is slow and unreliable. Snapchat becomes the best choice. With one quick swipe, you will be able to send messages to your friends. It makes chatting fast, interesting and enjoyable.


In conclusion, it is indeed true that men love Snapchat. It is entertaining, real and inspiring. It also features privacy options, offers quick chatting and helps to promote business. The benefits of Snapchat are endless. As people continue to explore the app, they will begin to do things that have never been imagined. You are advised to try using it so that you can enjoy its breathtaking functionality.

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