Single Life: 10 Places All Men Must Visit While They’re Single

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Many men subscribe to the basic fact that they should have sufficient fun before tying the knot. Relationships are in a way limiting when it comes to the amount and nature of fun single men can have. For those lucky enough to be living the single life, the listed places would be ideal places to visit and have ultimate fun during the days of your stay there.

1. London

In London, you could hit it off with small groups or large groups with different activities to carry out for successful night. There are places you could hang out with you friends and have the drinks silently, or you can take to places such as Electric Brixton and get to dance to a variety of music including the much-loved Dubstep.

2. Rio de Janeiro

This Brazilian city is quite packed up with fun activities that could be suitable for single men in the month of February when they get to host Carnival. The beautiful women, delicacies and dance for the five days of the Carnival could work to create worthwhile memories for single men visit Rio at the time of its happening. Don’t miss out the Samba parades and the graceful balls at the Copacabana Palace, which are a spectacular sight to behold.

3. Ibiza

Tour Ibiza in Europe and get to enjoy the superb nightlife with the endless and fun filled partying. There’s a number of classic clubs in Ibiza where you can get to catch the best electronic music action. There are many electronic music DJs who will rock you all night long with all their latest releases. The daytime life is also quite social with many visitors from all over the world taking time to bask on the splendid beaches on the island.

4. Las Vegas, USA

This is by far one of the most famous fun cities in the world from the reputation it has gained over the years for a very wide variety of activities that one can get involved in for the nightlife. All hotels in Las Vegas have swimming pools and other perks that are situated there to cater for whatever budget allocations you might have for your fun while on your stay. There are several casinos in the city where gambling is almost a lifestyle. Get to sail on Lake Mead for a daytime activity while away from the partying life. You could also join fellow sharpshooters in the desert just to create memories.


5. Puerto Rico

The US city harbors the best beaches in the world where you could spend all day on. There is also the Don Collins cigar factory that is popular to most visitors the city. The nightlife is also candid with the club visitors getting to enjoy danza music and reggaeton.

6. Melbourne

This is a favorite destination for single man visiting Australia. It is actually the place to be if you enjoy surfing or want to get a tan on the white sand beaches you have craved for all year. Melbourne has a number of bands playing quite some great music you could spare time to listen to while visiting the city.

7. Bangkok

Bangkok is quite a relevant place to visit with the numerous attractions it has to offer. Apart from the cultural attractions and historic sites one could tour to view, there are several state-of-the-art restaurants one could check in to and enjoy the best local dishes on the menus. The nightlife is also all hyped up with several party avenues for party lovers to dance and drink. Shopaholics are also advantaged with the city having quite a number of markets that offer almost everything one could wish to buy at the lowest market prices.

8. Miami

This is the city to visit if your fun activities are mostly centered on the beach. The hot beaches are favorite spots for music lovers since many Djs bring life to the city with the best music that goes on till daybreak. One could also visit the South Beach for snorkeling or head of for deep-sea fishing on Everglades.

9. Paris

The popular capital of France is well packed with activities to keep a single man excited. The place is quite expensive for starters. One may consider saving up quite some significant amount of money to enjoy their stay there with the best facilities available. Well, not all commodities will dent your pockets as you could get cheap wines and a fresh croissant at less than a Euro. The beautiful women in the city will also keep you occupied while on your stay there.

10. Barcelona

The Spanish city is a must visit city in the months of May to June or September to October when it’s most conducive to visit. There are nine listed UNESCO World Heritage sites you can stop over at to enjoy the rich history and cultures borne by the sites. The nightlife is vibrant with clubs playing a wide variety of music to keep you hyped up all night.

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