15 Seat Belt Selfies That Are On Another Level

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Seat belts protect us every day, but the more important thing they create an interesting effect when women wear them. You’ll see what we mean. #7 is the best.

These girls for whatever reason decided to take selfies while driving. Not very safe, but we’re glad they took them. All of these pictures are great, but after #5 it gets really good.



Sing it soul sister! Show us what you’ve got!



Look at those eyes, those beautiful eyes.  Sweet and innocent, yeah right, she knows what she’s doing to us!



Another girl with big beautiful eyes…. Who are we kidding, look at those boobs, that’s really all we care about!  Keep the selfies coming, with more boobs please!



Some people just have other people to talk to. Oh well she can stay on her phone and ignore everyone as long as she is showing off that sweet cleavage!  We won’t kick you to the curb, not yet at least.



Good thing this boobalicious babe is behind the wheel! We would have driven off the road by now.  Well the ditch wouldn’t be too bad as long as those were still in view!



Country girl in overalls.  I hear those slide off pretty easy…..



Naughty, naughty college girl.  She may be on her way home from school in this pic.  Dressed like that none of the boys can concentrate.



Just a little further!  What a tease this girl is.  She thinks she’s all cool with her sunglasses and low cut cleavage.  Alright, she’s cool and we love it!



The girl next door you never thought to pay attention to.  Until she shows off her rack like this!  Hello, can we come over every day now?



Another tease!  She knows she’ll keep us coming back for more if she only gives us a little.  Please miss, we want some more!



This little lady better be careful driving around with no shirt on. She could probably cause a lot of car accidents.  We know our heads would definitely be turning.



This girl has definitely found where she is supposed to be.  Almost naked and in the back seat.  She’d be allowed in our backseat anytime!



Here’s another traffic confusing chick.  They pretend they don’t know what they’re doing but they do.  That’s ok, we like it too.  Keep those topless driving babes around!



We sure would like to be the passenger in this babe’s ride.  It wouldn’t be a good idea to be in the car next to her.  I think we would drive off the road!



It’s not a really good idea to take a selfie while driving.  Can she see over the steering wheel with those?  I guess we can forgive her since she does have a nice rack.

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