12 Celebs Who Ruined Their Career with Plastic Surgery

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In Hollywood, your looks are everything. (Well, at least for most actors.) So, it’s completely understandable why some Stars head to the plastic surgeon for a little nip and tuck when they want to enhance their looks and maybe give their career a little boost.

For some celebs, like Anna Faris and Jennifer Aniston, everything goes great and they come out looking amazing. Unfortunately, for some, the results are far from than flattering. For others, the results aren’t half bad, but they look like a totally different person. For these unfortunate actors, it can spell the beginning of the end or the end of their career. So, who are they?


1. Melanie Griffith

Back in her heyday (late 1980s), Melanie was an A-lister who many in the industry considered to be the go-to girl for sexy, yet a bit ditzy characters. Then, the 1990s rolled around. To keep up with a whole new crop of sexy, ditzy blondes, such as Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, Melanie opted to undergo detox, an eyelid lift, and a few fillers. Now, not only are her roles few and far between, but she’s also a frequent target of internet trolls who hate on her looks. For fun, name a hit movie she’s been in within the last 5 years. You’ve got nothing, right?


2. Farrah Abraham

When it comes to Farrah, the term “celeb” is being used loosely. Thanks to an episode of “16 and Pregnant”, Farrah got the chance to appear on Teen Mom. This is when things started to go downhill. She’s had a couple of nose jobs, three breast augmentations, and chin implants, just to name a few surgeries that have drastically altered her appearance. Today, Farrah likes to think of herself as a huge star, but that’s more fantasy than anything. She’s actually best known for having a nasty attitude and way too much plastic surgery.


3. Courtney Love

As a member of the groups Hole and Babes in Toyland (and the wife of Kurt Cobain), Courtney’s musical career in the 80s and 90s was nothing to be ashamed of. Then, things changed. Kurt died and Courtney turned to heavy drug and alcohol use, as well as plastic surgery. A nose, job, breast implants, lip fillers, a facelift, and several rounds of Botox later, she’s no longer known for music. Instead, she’s known for her surgery, erratic behavior, and toxic relationship with her daughter.


4. Vivica A. Fox

Before she opted for a nose job and fillers, Vivica was a natural beauty with a sweet and innocent look that helped her land a number of roles in great movies, including “Independence Day”, “Soul Food”, and “Why Do Fools Fall in Love.” Since then, she’s hosted Lifetime’s Prank My Mom and TV Land’s “The Cougar”, as well as picked up a few small roles here and there. On a side note, Aisha Taylor once referred to Vivica’s plastic surgery as “the $19.99 special.”


5. Donatella Versace

As a member of one of fashion’s elite families, Donatella was constantly around supermodels and other “pretty people”, so it’s completely understandable that she would feel a bit self-conscious. What isn’t normal is her appearance after her plastic surgery, which words can’t describe. Though she swears she’s only had Botox, it’s blatantly obvious that she’s forgetting a few dozen procedures. Either way, it’s hard to take fashion advice from a woman who looks like way.


6. Heidi Montag

When she first appeared on The Hills Heidi looked like your average, everyday blonde. Fast forward to 2010 when Heidi underwent a ridiculous 10 procedures in a single day, including two breast enlargements, a nose job, and brow lift. Now only did surgery almost kill her, but it also pretty much killed any hopes she had of a TV career. Today, she’s best known for plastic surgery and little else.


7. Mickey Rourke

Most of us can’t remember when Mickey was considered a Hollywood sex symbol. (Seriously, women used to pin him on their walls in the 1980s.) After taking up drinking and boxing, his appearance looked a little worse for the wear, so he opted to undergo plastic surgery, including 5 nose jobs. The results were nothing short of horrific. His scary appearance put his career on hold. Today, he’s had the procedures corrected and he looks better than he did, but he’s his sex symbols are far behind him.


8. Lara Flynn Boyle

Back in her Twin Peaks and The Practice days, Lara was beautiful. For whatever reason, she chose to undergo a number of procedures that has left her face an absolute mess. According to plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, “Her face looks like it’s melting.” Now, she’s rarely seen out in public (for obvious reasons once you see what she looks like) and job offers are nonexistent.


9. Meg Ryan

Meg fell into the same trap as Melanie, Vivica, and Lara. In an effort to look younger, Meg, once considered America’s Sweetheart, is rumored to have undergone a facelift and fillers, as well as Botox and laser resurfacing. Now, she’s just a weird caricature of her former self. Sadly, all that work was to no avail because she has tons of wrinkles around her eyes. Meg hasn’t starred in a movie since 2009.


10. Caitlyn Jenner

Long before she transitioned, Caitlyn has undergone countless procedures, including what appears to be numerous rounds of Botox, that left her face frozen with a shocked expression. Things only got worse as she underwent breast augmentation and plenty more facial procedures that have resulted in a face oddly similar to that of ex-wife, Kris.


11. Lil’ Kim

In the mid-1990s, Lil’ Kim’s career was at the top of its game. She had #1 hits, won awards, was considered by many to be sexy, and was rumored to be the Notorious B.I.G.’s sidepiece. After spending a year in federal prison for gun related charges, it appears she headed straight to the plastic surgeon’s office. Though she denies it, she’s believed to have had numerous facial procedures that have left her completely unrecognizable and a far cry from the star she once was.


12. Jennifer Gray

Sure, Jennifer’s nose was a tad bigger than most when she first hit Hollywood in the 1980s, but that didn’t stop her from winning several roles, including that of Baby in “Dirty Dancing.” Then, she made a mistake that proved to be fatal for her career. She had a nose job and while she was still gorgeous, it was just too much for the public and Hollywood execs who adored her. Before long, her job offers had dried up. She finally made somewhat of a comeback when she won Dancing with the Stars, but that one procedure made her a Hollywood has been.

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