Julia Günthel: The Most Flexible Person in The World

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Birds can fly, Jesus can change water into wine and Julia Günthel can bend over backwards – to each their own super power. Julia Günthel is known as the most flexible person in the world and when you watch her contort her body you will have no doubt about that, in fact, you would question why we don’t say bend it like Zlata instead of bend it like Beckham. If you have never heard about Julia Günthel, here is a summary of who she is. Julia Günthel was born in Kazakhstan and as early as 4 years old, her “super powers” were noticeable.


Since she was in Kazakhstan where contortion is considered a cultural art, her skill was nurtured from kindergarten where she started off as a gymnast and eventually moved to Germany where she ended up in the limelight. One of the most amazing things about her flexibility is her ability to bend both frontward and backwards with equal ease. (Now how can you deny that that is a super power?)


Julia is more known as Zlata which is the name she uses during her performances which have proved to be “mind-bending.” Her ability to bend unlike so many other people fascinated so many including doctors who had to have her tested using an MRI machine which showed that she had baby-like ligaments which have remained soft enabling her to bend backwards and perform other contortions with ease.


So here are the best contortion positions of this “superhero”


1. The Oversplit:

You probably are used to the usual split where the contortionist spreads their legs at 180 degrees, well Zlata, takes this further than just 180 degrees, that is why “over” is added to the split as she can stretch her legs while standing at an angle greater than the usual to the extent that the foot will even touch her shoulder. This can also progress into another position known as the leg shouldering where the leg touches the shoulder while standing.

2. Hairpin:

This is just so unbelievable, Zlatan kneels down and then bends over backwards, and then bends some more so that her head goes through her legs and comes back to the front. This is not just bending; she actually folds backwards until her head goes through her legs. She took a photo during this as she held a cup of tea in one hand and a fork in the other ready to eat a piece of cake and have tea in that position. Truly amazing!

3. Backbend:

This is one of the hardest contortions to pull off in the way that she does it. Just like an ordinary flexible person would bend forward until their forehead touches the legs, Zlatan will bend backwards the same way until the back of her head touches the back of her legs and she is folded in half. It is as if she has no spine at all. This is what separates her from all other contortionists who can only bend over backwards and form an arch with their back or transform into a handstand.

4. Chest stand on a chair:

If Julia Günthel ever had pain in her bum and she cannot seat properly on it, she always has the option of sitting on her chest. Julia is able to place her chest on the seat of the chair and then have her stomach rest on the backrest while her legs fold forward to let her chin rest on her toes. The amazing thing is she looks very comfortable like she could maintain that position for hours as she reads a book or has a hearty chat with friends about men.

5. Box act:

Now if there is ever no space on the plane, this act could come in handy. Zlatan is able to fit herself into a box almost the size of a hand language suitcase. She slides into the box bum first and then folds one leg over her neck and somehow finds a way of folding the other right in front of her chest, pressing against the wall of the box. She performs this act in a transparent box just so that you see it is not a trick but an actual contortion act.

Julia Günthel performs a number of acts that will leave you in awe and wondering why you are unable to perform them. But like we said at the beginning, each one has their own superpower and hers is to be the most flexible person in the world with awards to prove it.

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