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Every person goes through a denial phase during his/her lifetime especially girls. Some grow but feel like they want to be boys; some are forced to acquire the ‘boy’ character because of the environment. But those that realize their full potential go back to their original persona to exploit it to the fullest. These are some of the tomboys that turn out to be super hot celebs.

1. Janet Jackson

Janet has undergone a lot during her life. Catherine thought Janet as being much of a tomboy hence went ahead to enroll her to etiquette classes to change character, something that never worked. It’s reported that Janet refused to attend the etiquette classes, even the charm school. But she has grown past her boy-like character because, when she was interviewed-2006, she is said to have said that she is a chameleon- part of her was appealing, another part is also very religious, part of her was a family girl, another part wild. She also said that she is a boyish in most things, but girly sometimes too. The funny part about her is that she liked wearing men’s suits with high heels that defy gravity.

2. Kristen Stewart

This is a Twilight movie actress that has been caught many times wearing sneakers under her gown when she is at acting premieres. She had also gone on record when she revealed to Elle UK that she has always wanted to be a tomboy. Kristen wanted to look like her older brother when she was young. She lived hand-me-downs but always wore his clothes. This is a lady that proved that tomboys can be cute too when the actress by Glamour was voted as the Best Dressed -2012.

3. Mila Kunis

She is rated as being the most sensual woman who ever lived -the year 2012 but what most people don’t know is that she was a self-proclaimed boy-like as a young girl who grew up in Ukraine. Mila revealed that she has an elder brother who she was always playing with when she was between 3-5 years as directed by her parents. She grew up from a small town in Ukraine where kids used to play football around the neighborhood. After breakfast, you could be kicked out of the house so that you go playing with the boys, when you could come back, you will be completely scrapped up at the same starving. She adapted to the manlike character as quickly as that because most people that surrounded her at the time were boys.

4. Fergie

Fergie had lost her sense of being feminine until the pop star’s edginess helped her land her gig with Black Eyed Peas. She says that when she joined the Peas, she never wanted to wear skirts. She even confessed to MTV that she had no girly mood at all. Although the ‘Hey Mama persuaded her’, she never ditched her manlike persona.

5. Anna Chlumsky

Chlumsky is known by contemporary audiences due to her role that she played -HBO’S Veep where she stars along with Seinfeld Alum. But those that were her fans -the 1990s will tell you a different story because they know her through the breakout role that she played of an 11-year old tomboy. He earned her degree, later he entered into the working world before emerging from her cocoon ready to re-enter Hollywood.


6. Jessica Biel

She became known for her rebellious streak during the filming of the 90’s hit series after casting the role of Mary. Jessica even once cut her hair super short that is even dyed it blond. She blames her carefree attitude to her relaxed rural home upbringing. Her parents were travelling people, she once said to the W Magazines that her Barbie dolls were always naked and decided one time to cut their heads off, cut their hair, stuck them on Christmas lights. Although she is labeled as a tomboy, she is also beautiful.

7. Alyssa Milano

She first stepped into America’s living rooms -1984 as an 11-year old girl Samantha Micelli on ABC’s, Who’s the Boss. Alyssa appeared alongside well-known actors Tony Danza with Judith Light. She did not agree to the fact that people were nicknaming her a tomboy. But over the course of eight seasons, viewers have watched her grow, blossom from a pony tail-tail-wearing into a hot siren that would go on and star on other films. The fact, she has turned out to be one of the most beautiful stars in Hollywood.


8. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlet has beaten all the odds even voted as the hottest woman alive in 2013, but that was not a title that came easily. She epitomized a boy-like character when she was in her Holly-wood debut – 1991 along screen legend Robert Redford. Those that wanted to identify her from her childhood photos would not compare it with the present. She was a tough tomboy that has grown up to be a beautiful star.

9. Miley Cyrus

Miley always felt that far cry that came from the glamorous Hannah Montana that was the actress and a recording artist of hit Disney Channel series. The reality is that Cyrus was always a tomboy; hence could more closely relate to Hannah Montana’s friend Lilly Truscott. At the age of 22, things have turned to her direction because she has turned into an appealing woman that can pass through all the nakedness, crotch shots, tongue displays. She portrays the beauty that is termed as one of the best.

10. Reese Witherspoon

Most people will not agree that this is a pampered princess that feature’s ‘Legally Blonde’ who convincingly portrayed a 14-year old tomboy in 1991. She isn’t a tomboy anymore because she has embraced her feminine side. So, those that want to watch her, you have the chance to do it because you will be seeing a person that has transformed beauty to a new level.

Being the person that you were created to be is the sweetest thing life. The above ladies had a denial stage their lives but after some time things turned out to be better for them. They are now some of the most celebrated women on this world.

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