Gorgeous Women – Best Outdoor Booty Beauties

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1. Oh! To be the sand on this beauty’s booty! This chick would be a lot of fun to take to the beach, she knows how to go in style.  Who knows where we would go after?!


2. Another gorgeous, almost bare bottomed beach babe! She is just glowing in that sunlight. We know we sure would like to take a dip with her!


3. Muoy caliente! This fiery hot city girl has appeared to have lost her pants!  That’s ok, we definitely do not mind and we are sure you don’t either!!!

4. We sure do love a night time beach babe, don’t you? She is still glistening from a long day of tanning in the sun.  Ready for the next party!


5. Naughty, naughty we see a bare bottomed hottie! What a bad girl!  She knows what she is doing walking up the stairs like that….and we appreciate it!


6. Ooo it’s our fiery hot city girl again after an outfit change. Which do you prefer the black or white outfit (it’s ok you can go back and look at the other one again.)

7. We hate to see her go, but we love to watch her leave! We love this blonde running down the beach with her sassy leopard print thong.  We know you’d be chasing her all the way down the beach!


8. Here is another naughty hottie! We love the bad girls getting wild in public.  They like to pretend that they are so innocent!  We know better though, but we still like it!


9. We would certainly dive in the ocean after this booty! What a great view, seems like a cozy, private spot on the beach.  Where did her top go?

10. There’s a big beautiful booty. We love these girls too!  Go on girl with your bad self, you are looking good! We love pearl necklaces! 


11. A little hippie beach babe. We love the wild free spirit of a girl wearing feathers in her hair, especially when she is in a bikini!


12. This girl is a high maintenance princess. The animal print suit and gold jewelry with that snobby look on her face says it all!  For that booty though, we could probably put up with it for a night…or two… or three….

13. Sweet innocent girl standing in the wind in a field full of flowers in a white dress. Please she isn’t fooling us!  She is probably the naughtiest of them all!


14. Look at this Mama with a hot bod. To be that water she is pouring all over herself on a hot summer’s day…Where do we line up to get a chance with this babe?!


15.PINK BUBBLEGUM! That’s all I can think of when I look at this babe.  Well…one of the things I can think of. 

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