10 Items only the Filthy Rich Can Afford

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expensive things to buy for the filthy rich

How do you know that you’re filthy rich? It is that moment where your cashier asks you if you want to supersize it and you say yes without hesitation. You might also think that it is the moment when you don’t look at your bank account before every purchase. What do you purchase when you don’t need to think about the cost? The answer is whatever you want. Read this and weigh whether you can afford or not.

1. A tomb for your burial

When you’re among the living, you might constantly be thinking about expenses. There is conceivably no bigger sign of wealth than leaving serious coin to make sure your body is buried in style. There is a gigantic tomb at a New Orleans Cemetery, and the pyramid sits at around nine feet high. Nicolas Cage purchased this tomb, and if the price is to be disclosed, probably not so cheap.

2. Islands

Who can afford to buy an island that costs $110 million? The island is found in a ten-minute helicopter ride away in South Beach. This island has a three-bedroom house and some upscale amenities set up for potential caretakers. It also has a twenty-slip marina that is perfect for parking your super yacht.

3. A $3.5 million bathroom

The goodness of being super-rich can bring out your entire house. Jeweler Lam of Hong Kong constructed the most expensive bathroom that cost over $3.5 million. This bathroom consists of over six thousand gemstones starting from sapphire, amber, and ruby. Toilets, sinks, and bathtub are made of gold. This construction requires 380 kg of pure gold to be completed.

4. Gold toilet paper

Even if you might say that I’m richer, you can’t afford to buy this gold toilet paper even if everyone wants to use the washroom. This toilet paper worth $1.3 million and it promises to have golden flakes that will fall to your floor as you use it. This looks more extravagant, and you can imagine how it might be a hassle to clean up. This looks like flushing millions of dollars down the drain each year.

5. Diamond Massage

You can imagine waiting outside the diamond massage parlor and punch everyone in the face coming out that you want to have a unique massage, and then this world won’t blame you. This holistic treatment cost $100,000, and the process involves 1.5 karat diamonds being ground up into powder form and applied all over your skin. The benefits of this massage as supposedly anti-aging, detoxification and youthful skin. The poor will spend this money on paying off their mortgages while the rich people will be showing their richness on diamond massage that is equivalent to three years’ wage.

6. Hermes Birkin handbag

To be honest, you might not even own garments nice enough to get into the shop that sells this bag, leave alone even purchasing one for yourself. The thought of this bag on the arm of rich people but tiny heiress is much to make you wish to engage in an Ocean’s Eleven style heist that looks super cool in your head. But it would turn out being you running down the road snatching it off her arm. But your money you will be spending on a mansion with a tennis court and a swimming pool because you don’t have enough money to purchase this bag.

7. Amour dog collar

You can dream of getting a dog that has everything and 3.2million necklace. This necklace has over 1,600 diamonds. You can imagine the kind of food your dog will demand to have, and how it should be cooked. The type of grooming tools you will be using to groom your dog and so on. Ordinary people will open a yogurt business instead of purchasing this crazy item.

8. Expensive food

Each one of us loves the desert. At Serendipity 3 that is located in the New York, you will have the most expensive dessert in the world. The ice cream called golden opulence will cost you up to $1,000, and it contains a golden eatable leaf. You can imagine spending your $1,000 on desert only and yet you have not taken the main meal. You will wish to have a taste of this desert, but it will be impossible.

9. Sculpture worth $100 million

A statue pointing man was lately bought at an auction for $141 million. Some works of art can take several hours to complete, but this one only took nine hours to be completed the masterpiece. This is the only piece of Giacometti’s that worth $100 million. Who can just a single sculpture worth such money even if we say we’re rich. You might think to spend the same amount paying school fees for your kids and paying a mortgage.

10. $300 million paintings

You might have a painting in your house that you like but think about a painting that worth $millions. The new record was set in 2015 when a painting titled “when will you marry” sold to $300. In fact, it is an oil painting that depicts two women. If you have the ability to order an item that worth $300 million, be sure that it will be delivered to you anywhere in the world.


Being filthy rich is that moment when you can purchase anything without considering the quality and the cost. You can think of that time when nothing of monetary value in the world that you cannot possess, be it basic or extravagant items. That is why you will find always a gap between the filthy rich and the poor.

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