Stupid Expensive Food That Can Literally Kill You

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bizarre killer food

How far can you go to taste new things and bring in new sensations to your taste buds? Ever wondered if the foods that you eat absolutely safe? Here, we are talking about some weird expensive food available today, and how some of the most expensive foods available out there today are actually really dangerous.

We aren’t talking about fast food or fizzy drinks here. We are not talking about whether you should eat something when you have diabetes or when you are on a diet. Instead, we are talking about foods that can look good and perhaps even taste good but you know that they may even kill you.

Worse, these foods do not come cheap as well and you would have to spend a fair bit of green paper to get hold of one of these, sometimes costing even more than a thousand pounds. It takes years of training before chefs actually attempt to cook one of these and even then, they might not be safe to eat. So, what are the foods that we are talking about?

‘Live to eat but don’t eat to live’, goes a popular saying.

Imagine eating something that could kill you. Let’s put it this way. Would you ever choose to eat something by which you would die and also pay for dying? You can spend a lot on cars, luxurious living, beauty, travel and food! For those people who are adventurous and risk takers, they wouldn’t mind spending a fortune on a one in a lifetime adventure or sport.

For those who are crazy enough to spend a fortune and eat something to be close enough to death, here are seven really expensive food items that literally be the last food of your life.

1. Sannakji

This is a Korean food a small container of which costs you around $30-40 and can choke you to death. Want to know what it actually is? Well, ‘San’ in Korean means ‘live’ and ‘nakji’ is Octopus. Though the octopus is not really alive, its tentacles do have nerve activity in them that keeps them swirling and wiggling. When you put it in your mouth, you actually feel the tentacles sucking on your tongue and mouth. If not chewed properly the tentacles can suck at your throat and choke you to death thus making it one of the most dangerous foods.

2. Monkey Brains

Yes, you read it right. Brains of different species of monkeys and apes are eaten in different parts of China, Singapore and Malaysia. Though monkey hunting is prohibited in most Southeast Asian countries. Eating brains of various species can cause brain diseases like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a degenerative brain disorder and similar other diseases that can ultimately cause death! On an average, a pound of monkey brains costs around $120 per pound. Various films have also shown consumption of monkey brains in them.

3. Fugu Pufferfish

This is a poisonous fish, and this dish is very famous in Japan. A certain toxin that it contains can cause a continuous sensation on the lips and also paralyses the diaphragm and chest muscles leading to suffocation and ultimately death. The fish that can cost around $100-200 is so dangerous, that the chefs who intend to cook it go through 3-4 years of training and examination and yet most of them fail.

4. Moose milk cheese

This is the most expensive cheese in the world at approx. $1000/kilogram, mostly accounting to its rare availability. It is prepared at the Moose House in Sweden by milking three moose cows that are owned by the Johansson family. Every year, around 300 kilograms of cheese, is produced thus resulting in the high cost. Why this Cheese is considered dangerous?? Because raw milk cheese can contain dangerous bacteria like salmonella, listeria and E. coli that can cause you a lot of trouble.

5. Casu marzu

Here’s another variety of expensive yet dangerous cheese, all the way from an island, Sardinia or Corsica usually. This costs up to $500 per pound and is basically Sheep milk cheese which contains Larvae or maggots. These larvae are fed into the cheese to promote fermentation and help to make the cheese very soft. These maggots can further lay eggs in your stomach and cause infections, sometimes even death!

6. Matsutake mushroom

This comes as no surprise as poisonous mushrooms are definitely something we’ve all heard of. This mushroom costing $1000 per pound is not really dangerous but has a striking similarity with the fatally poisonous “Amanita smithiana” mushroom and is often mistaken to be the latter. It causes a lot of deaths every year in Japan.

7. Elvers

A type of fish often called Glass Eels, this is similar to Fugu. Think twice before you devour it; its blood contains a toxin that causes problems to the human blood and can lead to death by heart attack and paralysis of muscles. This costs around $2500 per pound and needs to be cooked with extreme care before consumption.

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