Dating Sites: 10 Reasons Why We Love Tinder

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Sure, you have probably heard a couple of Tinder horror stories, but you have probably never stopped to think about why Tinder just might be worth your time. The truth is that there are plenty of reasons you might want to turn to Tinder over other dating sites. Want proof? Here are 10 good reasons you need to check out Tinder as soon as possible. By the time you come to the end of this article, you’ll see why so many people love Tinder.

1. If you are new in town, it’s a quick and easy way to meet people.

Thanks to Tinder, there’s no reason to spend your time shut up in your new home. Instead, match up with a few people, take the time to get to know them, and see what happens next. You may find a great new friend or something more.

2. It cuts down on your chances of being Catfished.

It’s impossible to deny that the MTV show Catfish can be absolutely hilarious (and even scary/ strange…see the Kid Cole episode), but who really wants to star in the show? Since Tinder is linked to your Facebook page, it’s significantly less likely that you will think you’ve met the love of your life only to find it’s your cousin who is holding a grudge. (If you aren’t sure what’s being referenced here, see season 3, episode 1. It’s worth the time to look for it.)

3. You can get what you are looking for out of it.

If you are looking for a date, you can find one. If you are looking for a hookup, you can find that too. Whether you want to find someone to head to the movies with, meet at a local coffee shop, or just someone to spend a few hours chatting with, you can find what you are looking for on Tinder.

4. People really do use the app for dating.

Despite what you may have heard, not everyone on Tinder has ulterior motives. Some people are looking for love or at the very least, a date. Go out. It may be a great match and it may not, but you’ll never know until the two of you meet up.

5. You need a date for an upcoming event.

So, your cousin’s getting married in a lavish ceremony next weekend. Fabulous, right? If you are not looking forward to everyone harassing you with questions like “will you ever find a boyfriend/ girlfriend?”, use Tinder to nip this problem in the bud. Keep in mind you may hear the question “when will it be your turn?”, but that’s better than the alternative, right?

6. It allows you to check for sparks before going out on an awkward date.

Before you agree to a date with the guy your friend has been trying to set you up with, look for him on Tinder. Do you have anything in common? Does he look interesting? If he doesn’t really look like your type, you can choose to go out with him or go ahead and come up with an excuse why you can’t/ won’t.

7. You might find an unrequited love.

You may not have realized that Tinder gives you the chance to find people from your past. Do you remember that guy/ girl whose number you should have asked for at a party last year? Who knows? He or she might pop up in your matches. Now, you can follow up on what you should have done last year.

8. Foreign relations may be in your future.

The most Tinder obsessed country is the United States, with the United Kingdom in second place, and Brazil in third.  You might be able to find your love in another country!  Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?!

9. Maybe you will have an epic Tinder love story.

It really does happen. You can totally find love on Tinder. How can you be so sure? Others have; why should you be any different?

10. You can find someone to Netflix and Chill with.

If you want a nice, quiet evening in, but not necessarily alone, you can turn to Tinder for some company. Who knows? You might find someone who shares your love of cheesy 80’s movies.


Have you downloaded Tinder yet? If not, there is no time like the present to get started.

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