Club Girls: 10 Types of Girls You See at a Nightclub

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types of girls at the club scene

When you hit the club scene, you are going to meet a variety of colorful girls. Many of them are after having a good time, but that does not mean that they are all the same. At any nightclub, you are likely to come across the following ten types of girls.

1. The Everyday Girl

This one goes to the club every few weekends. She is unique in that she is not there to impress anyone but rather let loose and have a good time with friends and eat the delicious foods available. Many times, such a girl would be spotted at brunch the next day.

2. The First-Timer

Yes, every club has those ones. She has never been to a nightclub before, and you can tell that from her demeanor. She will be probably wearing some cheap polyester dress and heels that look painful to walk in. What makes her even stand out more is the way she is trying hard to show the world that she is a regular yet everyone can see that is she is not from the way is she cradling her vodka cranberry.

3. Shell-shocked Under-age Teens

Every club will always have those underage teens that use fake IDs to gain access. How do you identify them? They mostly are underdressed with heels that are out of place. Since they do not know how to ask the bartender for drinks, you will find them huddled up on the dance floor giggling.

4. Experienced Under-Aged Teens

Unlike their shell-shocked counterparts, these ones overplay their luck. Normally, they look too cool and feel they are way better than the usual basement high school parties. You can spot them wearing heavy eyeliner and dark clothes. Some would be outside smoking.

5. The Housewife

Not everyone you will meet in a nightclub is within the clubbing age. Housewives do show up too, and you will see them with tight clothes that hug the wrong curves. Some would have fake blonde hair and are not willing to accept that their clubbing days are long gone. Since she is still delusional, she will try to hit on some sleazy finance guy who will make her feel good about her age.

6. The Sugar-baby/Mistress

You do not wish to come across her, but unfortunately, nightclubs are flowing with many of them nowadays. She will probably be between 18 and 25 years accompanied by her daddy at the club hoping to live the life of models and bottles. While she may be busy on her phone, her daddy is engrossed in grabbing at any girl who walks by.

7. The Rave Girl

The rave girl frequents clubs that play house, dance and electronic music. She is easy to tell because people have nicknamed her Molly due to her love of drugs. You will see her in high heels and neon dresses that have leopard prints. She is also wild and can be a little hard to handle. However, if you are after throwing everything to the wind, then this is the girl for you.

8. Bored Models

In a packed club, bored models can be spotted by their height and long limbs. Many will be wearing black and seated with their legs crossed. They normally have nothing much to do, but since they are paid to show up, they sit scrolling through their phones.

9. Promoter Girls

These are the non-attractive versions of the models. They come to the clubs to make money and not have fun. You can find them standing around tables for hours with some strangely dressed man in their midst. They most likely have earplugs and drink watered down champagne. You might be surprised at the things they do to stay awake.

10. The Dancer

This is the girl every man wishes to run into at the club. She just wants to have a good time and dance. You could also find her in the bathroom with her friends or on top of a table dancing to anything that is playing. Since she has been drunk from about 9 PM, her friends have the responsibility of keeping an eye on her and sometimes pulling her dress down as she dances too hard. She will also keep posting pictures on Instagram and before the night ends, she will be passed out on the couch with her shoes on.

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