The 10 Most Cheating Countries in The World

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most cheating countries in the world

Adultery exists in all societies, but some societies have more of it than others. Many of the most cheating countries on this list are not going to surprise anyone, although some people might be surprised by the order in which they occur. It is important to remember that countries are going to vary in terms of how they respond to cheating. For instance, for some of the countries on this list, cheating may be the norm. For others, it might be a dirty little secret.

1. Finland

The infidelity rate in Finland is around thirty-six percent, and cheating is much more socially acceptable there than it is in other parts of the world. What’s more, a good portion of Finnish cheaters will have multiple love affairs during a marriage. Finnish men are also much more adulterous than Finnish women, or at least Finnish married women.

2. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a measured infidelity rate of thirty-six percent. However, cheaters in the United Kingdom are much more likely to be guilt-ridden about it than the cheaters in many other countries. They may be one of the world leaders when it comes to cheating, but they don’t celebrate it the way some other countries might.

3. Spain

The infidelity rate in Spain is around thirty-nine percent. Interestingly, Spain has a very high divorce rate, so it seems that the infidelity rate might be slightly tempered by the fact that people in Spain will simply break off relationships rather than cheat in some cases. The religious tradition probably stops the infidelity rate from being shockingly high, which might be the case in a culture that values machismo so much.

4. Belgium

Belgium has an infidelity rate of around forty percent, and at least ten percent of the population frequents websites that are dedicated to providing people with extramarital affair opportunities. Having an additional partner is common in the country, and the stigma against it is starting to fade.

5. Norway

This beautiful country has an infidelity rate of around forty-one percent, which is lower than some people might expect, but still higher than it is in other parts of the world. Norway is full of communities where everyone knows everyone, which can make it somewhat problematic if people sleep around too much. People usually turn to the Internet or to tourists for the sake of extramarital affairs. Their infidelity rate also seems to increase during the summertime.

6. France

France has an infidelity rate of around forty-three percent, which might seem to be low given the reputation of the French. However, the French mainly get that reputation from the fact that French people are more tolerant of extramarital affairs, with a slender majority of the population believing that unfaithfulness doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner. A minority of French people even regrets their affairs.

7. Germany

Germany holds at 45 percent for its infidelity rate, which is higher than some people might expect from a country that doesn’t have a romance language or a strong tradition of romantic associations. Like France, cheating is more socially acceptable there. Over sixty percent of Germans reported that infidelity was acceptable morally. Women slightly outnumber men when it comes to infidelity in Germany, although it is close to being equal between genders.

8. Italy

Italy has an infidelity rate of forty-five percent, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, given the reputation that Italian men in particular seem to have. The Italian Republic actually has a fairly low divorce rate, so at least this high adultery rate doesn’t break up marriages.

9. Denmark

The Scandinavian countries have always had a reputation for being full of people who are very laid-back about relationships. Family hotels and adult shops can coexist on the same street in Denmark, and the adulterer website Victoria Milan gets some of its best customers from Denmark.

10. Thailand

The human trade in Thailand helps keep its economy running, and almost all kinks are going to be represented here. It isn’t all that surprising that the native Thai population seems to have behaviors that mimic those of its tourists. Married Thai men and women hold the world record in promiscuity.

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